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World Suicide Prevention Day – We’ll See You Tomorrow - It's good to talk

Today's a day I need a nest, and more importantly someone to join me. Who ever needs a nest, let's build one. Post random funny things in the comments, start a conversation. We'll all be together in our nest.

borderline personality disorder quotes - Google Search

Me right now at this exact time while writing this I wish I could tell my parent how much I need a countless or therapist or something to diagnose me with anxiety or depression so I can be understood and get help for one in my worthless life

borderline personality disorder quotes - Google Search

I'm lonely but I am certainly not scared of being alone. I am not suicidal. If it makes you feel better to analyze me like this then so be it. Label me with BPD.


BPD Borderline Personality Disorder, never felt other not be good enough, I may have acted because I was compensating but I always felt not good enough. If the Doc said I was a NPD I would have worked hard on that.