Divergent is so much better than twilight. Oh wait every book is better than twilight. JK Rowling created abetted love story in Snapes memory in one chapter than all of the twilight series.

Ok guys. Can I just say, this is the best thing ever!

love funny movie WAIT the fault in our stars fandom wrong six hazel grace divergent Four insurgent tobias eaton beatrice prior tris prior ansel elgort theo james Shailene Woodly Allegiant did that actually happen?

Wishes can come true

Funny pictures about She Seems Too Embarrassed To Function. Oh, and cool pics about She Seems Too Embarrassed To Function. Also, She Seems Too Embarrassed To Function photos.

24 Reasons Lorelai Gilmore is the Best Mom Ever! "If you're going to throw your life away, he'd better have a motorcycle!"

24 Reasons Why Lorelai Gilmore Is The Coolest Mom Ever

Sometimes you just need a break from people | Community Post: 20 Life Lessons We Learned From "Gilmore Girls"

People Are Particularly Stupid Today Photo: This Photo was uploaded by mauverelic. Find other People Are Particularly Stupid Today pictures and photos o.

Mycroft says: When people try to rain on your parade, poke them in the eye with your umbrella.

When people try to rain on your parade, poke them in the eye with your umbrella, unless it's Lestrade, he might get angry and break up with you Mycroft.

25 Little-Known Facts About Gilmore Girls - I knew many of these, but the ones I didn't know blew my freaking mind!

25 Little-Known Facts About ‘Gilmore Girls’

Little-Known Facts About 'Gilmore Girls'" article by Nico Lang for Thought Catalog on November via ThoughtCatalog.

Poor Dave

God bless you, Dave Rygalski. Someone who put the number 277 on this thing understands my love for Dave Rygalski.

I took that exact photo of the Ferris Wheel minus the two actors:)

New Set Photos From "Divergent" Reveal Tris' Dauntless Tattoos And More

This was during the time Tris and Four were out for Capture The Flag. They just got down from the top of the ferris weel and now they are back to finding the flag. Tris climbs all the way up to where the flag was.

Yes I will never look at these things the same

Things I Will Never Look at the Same Way Again After Reading Divergent. So True! The butter knife!will NEVER be the same and the muffin