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Cat tattoo

Cat tattoo

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thievinggenius: Done by Tiny Miss Becca.


    fine artwork, loved shades:)

  • Lori Spalding Martin
    Lori Spalding Martin

    It looks like hazel one day I'm gonna get a tattoo too

  • Laverne Townsend
    Laverne Townsend

    Just had this done with much darker shading

EEP! So awesome! done by aivaras lee

Cheshire cat tattoo


    Gorgeous cat tattoo on her neck:)

if I ever wanted a cat tattoo

  • Anna Herrera
    Anna Herrera


  • Jessi Miauu
    Jessi Miauu

    It's so sweet.

Creepy black cat tattoo

Tiny, Tiny Kitties

38 Weird Or Wonderful Cat Tatts

Fancy Cats on feet

  • Shanna Booher
    Shanna Booher

    I have a tat on my foot of 7 small paw prints to represent my 7 kitties (2 of which i've lost)- i know how much THOSE hurt - i can't even imagine how much these hurt and how long they took, but they're gorgeous!

  • Johnny Hondo
    Johnny Hondo
  • Nita Greenbank
    Nita Greenbank

    These feet (and tattoos) belong to a friend of mine; they're of her much loved kitties Harley and Zoe.

  • Shanna Booher
    Shanna Booher

    I have a Harley too!

  • nancymajor

    Sooo cute

cat tattoo The Leading Memory Site on the Net
  • Angela Williams
    Angela Williams


Not a fan of tattoos, but this is pretty clever.... Cheshire Cat UV ink tattoo for body, and regular ink for mouth


  • Mindy

    Fucking scary!!

  • Scott Senior
    Scott Senior

    Incredible! Disturbing, but incredible!

  • Linda Gay
    Linda Gay


  • Claire Denslow
    Claire Denslow

    Incredible talent! But that is NASTY!

Aw! When my BFFF (Best Furry Friend Forever) Oscar passes away (which will never happen btw) I wanted to get his paw prints tattooed, but I think a happy little cartoon tattoo of him would be cute too!

cat tattoo

  • shannon-lee scott
    shannon-lee scott

    Hmmm this is right along the line of what I want

  • Wendy Kyriakoulis-Kaufman
    Wendy Kyriakoulis-Kaufman

    I got this one on my wrist for my 18.5 year old black cat who just passed a week ago..its so pretty

Anubis & Bast tattoos

Creative Boys Club

water color tattoos

  • VeraBidu Medeiros
    VeraBidu Medeiros


Modele de Tatuaje Simple, Poze Tatuaje usor de realizat
  • Claudia Steinhauser-Sullivan
    Claudia Steinhauser-Sullivan

    OMG so cute

Cat Tattoos! Yes.

Marcin Aleksander Surowiec

Marcin Aleksander Surowiec

Cat tattoo

  • Sally Franklin
    Sally Franklin

    Looks effortless maybe !! or I can just pick Lola up in a bad mood and she'll do it xx

cat sillhouette tattoo



cat tattoo

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