Girl tattoo, Feminine tattoo, Female tattoo

cute tattoos perfect for girls

Girl tattoo, Feminine tattoo, Female tattoo

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// placement

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phoenix and peacock sleeves


Floral Flower Silhouette Temporary Tattoo by HilliaryCustomLiving

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  • SHAN

    would like to have small dragon tattoo

Artist creates incredible minimalist tattoos that prove that size does not matter

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My first tattoo
  • KarimRouissi

    very beautiful !

Stylized Feather Tattoo on arm for girl

Stylized Feather Tattoo on arm for girl | DIY Arm Tattoos

60+ White Ink Tattoos | Cuded

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  • Janice Ramsey
    Janice Ramsey

    I really like this

feather tattoo. I love this idea for a tat minus all the other stuff. And I'd like it on the top of my foot.

50+ Cute Small Tattoos | Cuded
  • Nida


Too cute. Wrist heart tattoo.

Little Heart Tattoos On Wrist

32 Inspiring #Wrist Tattoos ... → #Lifestyle #Inspiring

Inspirational Word
  • Shannon Caron
    Shannon Caron

    So pretty ♡

Pequeño Tatuaje con la palabra "Believe" en el dedo índice, palabra que en castellano signifíca "Creer".

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Henna design

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Exactly the kind of detail and tattoo I want, just a little smaller and only side.

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Teacup with flower tattoo

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Sugar Skull

Tatuagem de caveira mexicana
  • Stephanie Westbury
    Stephanie Westbury


this silhouette is a little different than most of the others i've seen, i like it.

Keeps Surprising Me
  • chloe markarian
    chloe markarian

    Rocio Amaro


Aleksey Platunov
  • Stacey Wilson
    Stacey Wilson

    Next one

Love this one! | Tattoo Ideas Central ABSOLUTELY LOVE

Tattoo Ideas Central

Love this. But I would rather have a compass instead of a watch. And change the end of the film canister to a film reel?

Tattoo Idea! - Tattoo Ideas Central

Dragon Temporary Tattoo flying tattoo by TattooMint on Etsy, $4.99 Actually kinda cool. Looks similar to skyrim dragon

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50 Elegent Lotus Tattoo Designs | Cuded

50 Elegent Lotus Tattoo Designs | Cuded
  • Hannah Rose
    Hannah Rose

    I especially like this one and may have it on my other foot

80 Impossibly Pretty And Understated Tattoos Every Girl Will Fall In Love With

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28 Tiny Finger Tattoo Ideas- love the Palm tree

28 Tiny Finger Tattoo Ideas


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I don't think this is actually a tattoo, but if I ever got a clover tattoo, I would want it to look a bit like this- actually realistic, not cartoonish

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  • Sonja Nelson
    Sonja Nelson

    That's beautiful..