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Christmas Sewing Crafts

Christmas sewing patterns provide ideas for Christmas ornament crafts, Christmas presents, and chic additions to your Christmas home decor. Many of these easy Christmas sewing crafts can be used throughout the year.

This adorable Fabric Scrap Christmas Tree project is an easy way to clean out your sewing room and make a piece of charming Christmas decor at the same time.

We love that this Snowflake DIY Tree Skirt doesn't stick to the traditional red and white color scheme. Plus, the embroidered snowflakes and white edging are so pretty!

If you've been looking for something to keep the kids quiet during Christmas dinner, look no further than these Chalkboard Place Mats. These easy Christmas crafts for kids will keep them entertained through the whole meal.

Put your sewing skills to good use this Christmas by making handmade gift bags for your loved ones.

Sneak Christmas kisses all season long with this embroidered mistletoe! This needlepoint craft is a fabulous Christmas craft idea!

The Santa Belly Pillow Ornament from Love to Sew is a fantastic Christmas ornament craft. Make a handmade ornament that will be perfectly festive this Christmas season.

This Rustic Sticks Christmas Tree Pillow from Love to Sew is a fabulous Christmas ornament craft. Make handmade ornaments shabby chic with this wonderful easy Christmas craft.

Create this DIY Christmas garland. This Christmas sewing craft will be a wonderful handmade Christmas decoration.

Sew precious cupcakes with this Christmas sewing project. These cupcakes from Sew Sweet are such precious Christmas crafts.

Make an adorable christmas apron. This fabric from make the perfect Christmas sewing craft!

Homemade Christmas crafts make great gifts. Try making a very merry onesie for that special baby in your life to wear on Christmas day. Dress your baby up like the gift he is.

The only handmade Christmas decoration that's cuter than a snowman is a baby snowman. Make the Two Snow-Babies in a Basket decoration. You are sure to have guests crooning over the little snow-babies. Sew the tiny heads, set them in a mini basket with some greenery, and you have an adorable decoration that no one can compete with. Make extra little snowmen into ornaments or even fillers for glass vases. Be creative with this precious snowman craft.

If you love Frosty the Snowman and you love books, you have found your perfect Christmas ornament craft. This Frosty the Snowbook Ornament is so adorable and so easy to make. The snowman craft has a handmade feel, using a sewn snowman head and a paper mache book as the base. This craft is quick and easy as well. You can make these for your tree and for the trees of your loved ones this holiday season.

One of the greatest ways to make snowmen is with buttons. Use buttons to make a Christmas decoration with this Button Snowman Mini Pillow. Choose your patterned Christmas fabric, get your sewing needles ready, and you will have this snowman craft finished in no time! Attach a small rope to make the pillow into an ornament, or set it on your mantel. Experiment with different sizes, bigger buttons, and other Christmas patterns for the fabric.

If you're looking for embroidery ideas for Christmas, then you're in the right spot. These free embroidery patterns cover a range of projects and skill levels. Whether you want to embroider a slew of easy ornaments for your Christmas tree, or you want to sit down to create an advanced cross stitch angel, this collection of Free Embroidery Patterns: 8 Christmas Projects is sure to give you the inspiration you're looking for.

This Crazy Cute Elephant Sweater is the perfect gift for any child who loves animals. This is a cool sewing project that combines two sweaters into one. Share if you love this thrifty idea!

@daria kittenhood knows the chicest way to give regular gloves a classic twist. Grab your pearl beads for a Christmas sewing project that will take you no time. Any fashionista will want this in their Christmas fashion collection.

@Amber Price has designed a fun and functional Christmas sewing pattern to go along with any theme of Christmas home decor. This Santa craft design is much more original than what you'll find in stores, and the pattern is much cheaper than buying new linens.

@Vanessa Wilson has an adorable and very warm sewing pattern for a winter hat that you just have to try. This winter wearable craft can be made for all ages, doesn't require much material, and has a step by step tutorial to guide you.

Your little ones will just love this sewn Christmas ornament craft from @Monkey See, Monkey Do!. Grab your leftover felt and in minutes, you'll be able to create a cute new ornament that's colorful and unique.

Here's another gorgeous Christmas sewing pattern kit that you can use to make a truly outstanding stocking. If you like a little flair and lots of embellishments, than this sparkling design is perfect for you. $21.24

@Amber Price has designed the cutest Christmas sewing pattern of the season! What child wouldn't want to keep warm and dry with an adorable little reindeer like this? It makes a great sewn Christmas gift, and it's just too cute to pass up on!

Your tree skirt will be as bright as your Christmas tree with this felt Christmas tree skirt sewing pattern. Sew the gorgeous applique pieces onto the felt base and in no time, you'll have a Christmas train of bright colors and Christmas characters coming alive underneath your tree. $45.72

Have you ever heard the store of the Christmas pickle? If not, you'll want to make this handmade Christmas ornament craft and bring a classic Christmas tradition to your home. This free Christmas sewing pattern is easy to follow and has the cutest results. Start a fun new tradition with your own homemade Christmas ornament.

This stunning tree skirt will really sparkle. This Christmas sewing craft kit includes beads and sequins to really make your tree stand out. It'll take your sewing to a whole new level.