mandala Any part of this design would make beautiful henna. The center bottom and top would look spectacular as upper stomach henna

Love this as a vertical spine tattoo. The 7 Chakras - from bottom to top: feeling grounded [red] acceptance of change and others [orange] confidence [yellow] love [green] communication [blue] wise decision making [indigo] spirituality [pink]

Other Pinner said: "Never really sure what I want for a tattoo, but I'm starting to have ideas about getting a small sun somewhere. Nothing makes me happy like a sunny day, so why not put a sun on me to remind me of what makes me happy?" Love it

This set of 8 high quality hand painted watercolor floral Images( branches, wreaths, frame). Perfect graphic for wedding invitations, greeting

Leafy. Watercolor floral wreaths, branches, leaves, frames, wedding invitation, greeting card, diy clip art, green leaf