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giraffe-in-a-tree:    Madagascar Moon Moth by Roeselien Raimond on Flickr.

Comet moth or Madagascar moon moth, Argema mittrei by Roeselien Raimond©. The Comet moth or Madagascan moon moth is an African moth, native to the rain forests of Madagascar

So cute crocheted donut pillows. - Top 20 Cutest Crochet Projects Help to Personalize Your Home

cool crochet patterns so cute crocheted donut pillows. – top 20 cutest crochet projects help to personalize KZEODFO

This is M's motto and she didn't even know it. :D

This is M's motto and she didn't even know it. :D

Ladies, here is your version of The Infinity Gauntlet... The Infinity Gauntlet Hand Chain. You now have the power #Avengers

Infinity Gauntlet Handchain -- ORIGINAL -- The Avengers Inspired -- Marvel Inspired -- Thanos -- Infinity Gems -- Cosplay

Abandoned in Caracas

Abandoned Carriage in Venezuela - Photo by - by allabandoned

"Fragile" A promise breaking: The sound of a snapping twig Or butterfly wings --Justin Benassi


Aporia crataegi, Black-veined white Butterfly (there are two of them in this photo)

Halloween party Halloween decor diy Halloween costumes ideas Halloween t-shirts Halloween shirts

Make Up Tips : Makeup artist Johannah Adams recently posted her incredible crystal lips creatio

nice Plutonium, cyberpunk, anime inspired cropped jacket with cowl neckline by Plastik Wrap.