Getting Creative with FreshDirect Boxes

From cats to dogs to babies, we love that you have fun with our FreshDirect boxes! Keep sending pictures (@FreshDirect).
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SO CUTE! "Hudson loves hanging out on top of the @FreshDirect boxes while I put away groceries" via @Nandita Das

Our fans are adorable!

A new use for @FreshDirect boxes

Hey @FreshDirect, your boxes make great hiding spots for my #cats.

YAY! I have room for a friend too!

Adorable!: "If I fits, I sits. >^,,^< "

Fresh Direct separates the fragile items. #catinabox

Had our first FreshDirect delivery, it was wonderful. The cats loved it too!

I don't recall ordering THIS from FreshDirect

Bella loves @freshdirect! ...

You call it FreshDirect.... but it seems rather furry.

Charlie loves recycling Fresh Direct boxes. Charlie Towers.

Forgot to unpack a box!

FreshDirect Delivery!

Pilgrim is One with his FreshDirect Delivery Boxes

Larissa's son in an FD box!


Carter loves his #FreshDirect boxes!

"FreshDirect brought us a cat!"

Pilgrim is diligently waiting for FreshDirect to be unpacked

Kirby <3s FreshDirect

So not what I ordered! ...

FreshDirect, now delivering by Pirate Ship!

Photo by foodmayhem

Our adorable "new spokesman ..."