Kids will LOVE you -Squirt gun painting is such an awesome summer art activitiy! - Fireflies and Mud Pies

Squirt Gun Painting - Fireflies and Mud Pies

SUMMER ACTIVITIES FOR TODDLERS: 50+ awesome outdoor activitiies for toddlers and preschoolers; outdoor art activities; messy sensory activities; water play activities

50+ Awesome Summer Activities for Toddlers - Busy Toddler

Are you looking for a simple way for your children to unwind and get in touch with their emotions? The yoga mat can serve as a retreat from the pressures and stress that they face every day. Yoga offers so many incredible benefits to our children including a time for inner focus, to connect to their bodies, and even to enjoy a bit of silliness to lighten the moment.

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50 Easy Process Art Activities for Kids from Fun at Home with Kids

50 Easy Process Art Activities for Kids

Create GIANT Kid Size Spirograph Drawings. Awesome, creative and fun art project for kids! Wouldn't this make fun collaborative art too?


Seriously the most AMAZING playdough you'll ever make. Soft, smooth, silky, and smells amazing. Two surprising ingredients!

2-Ingredient Silky-Smooth Play Dough

Found this activity at Super easy to make puzzle with stuff you probably already have at home. Nice little challenge for toddlers!

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amarilloo: daddieslittledollie: tonedbellyplease: Revamped my old morning yoga post. Omg ^^ reblogging mainly for BUNNIES, but also “child’s pose” is basically me 20 hours out of the day

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Sometimes coffee isn’t the answer every morning to jump start your day. Why not start your day off right with a little yoga instead?

Morning Yoga | Fitness Republic

Sun Salutation and Moon Salutation sequence. [artractions at]

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Sun Salutation: Demonstrated by Bunnies Art:Brian Russo Goes Clockwise

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Amélie Bernard

Free Printable Kitty Sun Salute Poster to put up on your wall! #cutesthingever

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Youth & Yoga - Kids Yoga Poses

[INFOGRAPHIC] Youth & Yoga

when sel starts homeschool i want this to be part of our morning routine, morning yoga before school

Hanford, CA Kids' Activities - Toddler Yoga Class - Joyful Abode

Yoga For Kids #findyouryoga Eeeep! I'm gonna do yoga with my children! :333

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Bedtime Yoga for Kids. Because I know "someone" who doesn't like to sleep!

Bedtime Yoga for Kids

Introduce your children to a few fun poses in the morning and all of you will be energized and ready for a busy day. #yoga #parents #kids

Yoga Fun For Kids And Moms

Kids Yoga Book : My First Yoga Animal Poses.

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Yoga for kids! Your kids may not be able to identify the complex emotion of stress, but it definitely impacts them as much as adults. Here are 6 calming yoga poses for kids to help them slow down and keep them in the present.

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Yoga Positions Mom and Kids Could Try Together

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24 Yoga poses for beginners. Namaste :-). #yoga #meditation #health

Asanas Yoga: 24 Yoga Poses for Beginners

Spin art - dreidel.

Crafts by Esther O | Crafts by Esther O

if your kids say "I'm bored" hang this free printable on your wall as a reminder for what they can do - this post also has lots of suggestions for activities in each category!

Free Printable: No More “Mom, I’m Bored!”

These are so cool! 20 kid art projects that turn out pretty enough to frame. Fun kids craft and activity ideas.

20 kid art projects pretty enough to frame - It's Always Autumn

Pineapple thumbprint art #DIY #crafts

Pineapple thumbprint art in Ideas for kids' crafts