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Just look at Freds face in the last picture.

28 Reasons Fred And George Are The Best Characters In The Harry Potter Series. I always loved Fred and George

Oh Dolores Umbridge...

no you do not hate draco or snape BAD PEOPLE and narcissa is so badass and under appreciated.<< I hate umbridge more that I hate voldemort

I Don't Repeat Gossip

Take a look at this 'I Don't Repeat Gossip' Box Sign on zulily today!

So true! (Gif)

when a friend starts talking about plans we've made in front of someone that wasn't invited (relatable post)

This made me smile because I guarantee 75% of people who read this will think "but what, there is no peeves... Whaaaat?"

Jeez, snob much? You can still be a fan even if you haven't read the books. How many people like anything from Marvel and haven't read a single comic or graphic novel?

My horcrux would be a grain of sand and I would drop it in the middle of the ocean.

Aww during the Harry Potter filming of Fred's death scene Oliver started crying because he thought what if his twin brother James ever died.