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The Birthday Boy

Upside Down House | Friggin Random - Come check out some funny pics

Apple by IBM

World's Fattest Pole Dancer

How do we get out of this?

really safe!

Electrical wiring fail - in no way can this be right.

wtf are they trying to warn us about here? Lack of embarrassment?

storm trooper

the best supper

Money for Alcohol Research | Funny Pictures |

cool as Hoff

to the batmammal!

deal with it!

parking problems?

captain douchebag

permanent marker assault

worst tattoo ever.

  • Hannah Hays
    Hannah Hays

    What's wrong with this girl?

  • Rachel

    That's the human centipede pic( the worst horror movie ever)

  • Tara Corra
    Tara Corra

    I think shes beautiful. There is nothing wrong with her!

  • Alma Galapon
    Alma Galapon

    Tony Roe Lol! Also, why would children be allowed to peruse the internet without supervision? I allow my kids to look at stuff with me but just keep scrolling on if I see anything inappropriate for them.

  • Chrisie Rivers Lewandowski
    Chrisie Rivers Lewandowski

    Gross tattoo and there's definitely something wrong with this girl to have such a disgusting tattoo placed in such an obvious spot.

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statue love

milk carton FAIL

not looking = gay

I'm outta' here!

somebody failed

taste like snozberries

alcohol may have been a factor