Thats cool an all but it wasn't dean who was the half blood it was shamus. He even said it in the first movie when they are all sat at the Gryffindoor table for their first feast.

I love HP facts! The one about Dean's dad is quite sad, though. Poor Dean and his mom. Dean's a Pureblood and never knew it. Grew up thinking his dad didn't like him and/or his mom.

EPBOT Tutorial: DIY Harry Potter Death Eater Mask

So you want to be a Death Eater? Shame on You! But hey, you get to wear a gool's the complete DIY instructions for making your very own Harry Potter Death Eater Mask.


The entire plot of Harry Potter summarized in one chart (The SummHarry is fantastic illustration by comic artist, designer, and book author Lucy Knisley)


Chris Gerringeis is an illustrator whose work features pop culture, movies, superhero comics and more. His artworks has a special style. Chris is from

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Harry potter

Harry Potter Facts Part -Erm. Just realized half of 7 was cut off. It was about Nearly Headless Nick if you didn't catch on to that one. As you may have rea harry potter facts Part seven

Harry Potter

Harry Potter Facts Part . rupert never turned his in. That guy was never truly out of character. Harry Potter Facts Part 2 rupert never turned his in That guy was truly out of character

Harry Potter Facts Part 4 some interesting points, i would love at some point to verify!! But love the idea!

Harry Potter Facts Part So. the bonus fact made my heart break once again for Fred and George.

Harry potter

That number 2 fact is breaking my heart (Snape + Lily forever!) Now, if only I could figure out what had to happen for Harry/Hermione to occur.(NOT MY CAPTION BUT TRUE)

Harry Potter fun facts!

Harry Potter Facts the Final Part. was going to be 19 facts for the 19 years that passed but I seemed to of skipped a number. whoops T harry potter facts final Part nine

never thought about that! haha it always bothers me when girls go to the bathroom together...

Funny pictures about Why girls go the the bathroom together. Oh, and cool pics about Why girls go the the bathroom together. Also, Why girls go the the bathroom together.