Fenris & Anders

Fenris & Anders I thought that was about to be something way more serious. But no, just Ser Pounce A Lot.

Tranquil Inquisitor - Cullen x Inquisitor - Part 4

Tranquil Inquisitor - Cullen x Inquisitor - Part 4 (Second Secret Character…

greywardan: tfw youre gunna go fight an archdemon and you want to wish your gf good luck in the cutest way possible (poppy and zev are really cute okay idk what else to tell u guys) really though thank you so much to @siriusdraws because this is so amazing and beautiful and i am literally never going to stop yelling about it ever i love it so much

Aelin and Rowan- artist (I think) is siriusdraws<<<This is Zevran and Warden from Dragon Age Origins

saltstainedplaid: There is a line for how much shit work your squad can take in a day.

anders by the--Finale.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

hawke-senpai: “ modern au cat hobo and his trusty feline companion fenris ver ”