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5 questions to increase engagement and critical thinking in your classroom.

Principles for Effective Vocabulary Instruction

What does it say about me that many of these I use regularly?

teaching unlimited's infographic on teaching vocabulary

Creating a Teaching Portfolio that Gets You the Job!

A great way for every teacher to be an effective teacher, which of these guidelines would you say you agree with most?

Classroom Rules

Classroom rules

This is a great handout for the classroom. There are many literacy tips through out the whole page. This applies to middle level literacy because it may be too complex for younger students, it targets middle level literacy exceptionally. Students can use this hand out when writing, it is a great guide for how to edit papers along with how to write them.

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scratch game video tutorials

5 Assessment Forms That Promote Content Retention | Edutopia

Pas Cap (A spelling game) | A Hive of Activities

Instagram in the Classroom

Teaching with Twitter

Craft Stories and Plan Video Projects With Storyboard That

Have one person sit in front of a white board while the others write a positive phrase about them. Take a picture to give to the student. // great end of the year wrap-up exercise.

Learn some teachable moments for digital citizenship with this poster.