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Teaching - Writing

Writing, Grammar, Punctuation

Teaching - Writing

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An easy way to get your kids writing--at an early, preschool age! Fun activity to connect with your little one.

Skills: Children will practice a variety of writing formats. They will create favorite lists, forms of poetry with templates, narratives, information pieces like all abouts and how tos. Students will also create letters and communicate with their teacher through writing. $5.99

This is the CUTEST writing assignment EVER!!! I did this a few years ago and their ideas of my secret life were hilarious!

Author's Purpose Power Point Lesson

Author's Purpose

Antonym Unit product from LoveTeachingKids on

FREE Christmas Vocabulary Charts and 8 Writing Tasks - 5 pages Easily print your 3 full-page Christmas vocabulary charts and your writing tasks x 8 (4 to a page). Use the charts for individual or small groups reading and writing sessions. Introduce the writing task cards by playing each activity with the whole class watching and interacting where appropriate.

Dear Santa, This awesome lesson bundle includes lessons for improving sentences with vivid words, writing cause and effect Christmas sentences, writing Christmas poetry with figurative language, and more! $3.95

Website where you can type in text and it will turn it into a shape! (Writing/Publishing center)

What can I write about?

Grammar Police

Punctuate This!

Understanding English

lose vs. loose

Whether the Weather


It's Its


Effect vs. Affect

Then Than

Your vs. You're


Perpetual Mortification

This is one of my now-favorite sites for Writer's Workshop ideas! Mini lessons, genre units (complete with publication and celebration!!), writer's notebook setup (binderized!), and more! Uh-mazing!

photo prompts for journals? Yes, please!