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    Sylvain Carle
    Sylvain Carle
    Sylvain Carle

    Sylvain Carle

    CTO & co-founder of Needium (formerly Praized) - I'm an internet, opensource, media & geo/local geek. See also @sylvaincarle for LANG=FR.

    Portrait-robot des contribuables québécois en un graphique |

    Welcome message for my new boss.

    QoTD from Ilya Grigorik: "writing helps me understand the topic in a way that reading and talking about it never does".

    3D Druid Circle for my Makerbot. Pocket-Tactics: Legion of the High King against the Tribes of the Dark Forest (Version 2) by dutchmogul - Thingiverse

    "There are eight ways of contacting me through my phone that don't involve me having to talk to you. Use one of those."

    Map Graphic of Montréal downtown area around the Praized office (2007).

    Map Graphic of Montréal downtown area around the office (2007).

    Map Graphic of Montréal downtown area around the office (2007).

    Local (blue) vs. Tourists (orange) pics in SF

    San Francisco sketeched and summarized.

    Trees, Cabs & Crime in San Francisco (big) by Shawn Allen, via Flickr

    "To be a Maker is not a day job". I love this poster from Maker Faire Africa.

    Great for coworking or open space offices, I like the idea a lot.

    Gouvernement Ouvert, à la Française.

    La carte du jeu Adventure sur Atari.

    Natas was one of my childhood hero. Before dreaming of California as the land of tech startups, I knew it as the land of skateboarding...

    New book from Steve Blank. Might just become the "bible" of startups. www.stevenblank.c...

    Un petit schéma pour illustrer comment une organisation devrait gérer les médias sociaux, c'est en forme de sablier...

    No one going to eat this chicken. I like @FAKEGRIMLOCK style. Minimum Viable Personality, ALL CAPS -


    Future of technology (long term). Insightful and well done. Click-thru for Interactive and full scale version.

    Proudly display your nerdy past on your wall.

    Get a set of 4 of these (with a USB hub) and you have yourself a great desk ambiance.

    Computer mediated emotional proximity for nerds...