DIY gold mugs would be so fun for Holiday treats and gifts

Projects that can make a brushed nickel lover rethink gold: 7 DIY Projects For A Gilded Table pretty gold cups

DIY Dress form. Clever!! Better than Duct tape!

Paper-Tape Dress Form

Sew: How to make a Paper Tape Dress Form - Tutorial; A paper-tape dress form is the easiest and cheapest of all. This seems just a little easier than the duct tape dress form and a worthwhile project for a personal fit

screen print foam process for clay

Today, I am going to share a ceramic decorating technique that was adapted from another artistic process: screen-printing textiles. Printing onto clay is not a new technique. A browse through the Pottery Making Illustrated back issues or the Ceramic Arts


The 7 Chakras - from top to bottom feeling grounded acceptance of change and others confidence love communication wise decision making spirituality tattoo ideas

Smart idea: using corks as fabric stamps.via

Smart idea: using corks as polka dot stamps! So wish I had this idea last week, I just finished painting a room with polka dots.

screen printing with an embroidery hoop, contact paper and a credit card.

screen printing that requires an embroidery hoop, some silk, a credit card, fabric paint and contact paper. All you have to do is cut your design out of contact paper, adhere it to your little screen and get printing. The credit card acts as a squeegee.


Different anchors. I am jumping on the anchor bandwagon. I do like the idea of a subtle anchor. Kind of "anchor of my soul" idea.

Owl Ornament

Clay Owl- Make the cutest Ornament - If you are tired of the kids bringing home lovely, but questionable art projects, then it is time you did something about it. Break out your art supplies because your family is making a barn owl out of clay!

Small Wire House by Louise Dawn Wilson

Small Wire House by Louise Dawn Wilson (i was dreaming about making wire sculpture portraits the other night.

DIY: art-inspired chevron tote bag

Art-Inspired Chevron Tote Bag 19 by fabricpaperglue (Mandy Pellegrin) - would be gorgeous keepsake swag bags.