The Perfect Modern Suit for the Modern Man

The Perfect Modern Suit For The Modern Man [INFOGRAPHIC] This is great style information for men (and women who dress/shop for their men), Resources

This is a great guide for those who are never quite sure what shoes go with a navy or grey suit...or any other color, for that matter.

bldgstonehenge: “ Solving the shoe color/suit color question once and for all Stumbled on this great visual from Esquire on which color suits match which color shoes. Brown shoes go with way more.

Well-Groomed Tutorial: How a Suit Should Fit

Well-Groomed: Well-Groomed Tutorial: How a Suit Should Fit. Always forget these things when we fit Goat's suits.

the stylish professional: how to build a work wardrobe

Funny Infographics - How To Infographic. The Stylish Professional: Work Wardrobe. How Can I Create A Work-Friendly Wardrobe On A Budget?

How To Tie A Tie

Tip / Trick / Life Hack: Know how to tie a tie. Exceptionally helpful when your husband doesn't wear ties and your son's get of age and go to dances or have to dress up for sports banquets :)

Great gray suit - make sure you take off your sunglasses inside and wear socks!

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How to iron pants. Always a good skill to know when you are job hunting

How to Iron Pants

How to iron pants. Always a good skill to know when you are job hunting (How To Make Dress Pants)

Work appropriate shoes

Work appropriate shoes, for the civilized gentleman!

If you don't have a suit a nice pair of khakis and sport coat may do the trick. We'd recommend adding a tie.

Business Casual: You don't have to wear a suit, but a more casual pair of slacks/belt with a complementary sports coat.

Spice it up with this Red Herringbone jacket (depending on what industry you work in and we would probably not recommend this for an interview)

Haven't seen a pink suit jacket before but it clearly matches the tie, could be a posh farmer ken doll

From a hiring manager's view... what to wear to an interview

No idea what to wear for your job interview? Here are three quick tips for wearing proper office attire at your next big interview.