How cool is this?! Please tell me we can do this in Bora Bora during our honeymoon!! :)

Zorbing in New Zealand. I have no idea what "zorbing" is exactly, but it seems to involve bubbles and water. I'm in!

Bucket List Item- Stand in all four states at the Four Corners! Corry totally wants to do this ; )

Bucket List Item- Stand in all four states at the Four Corners! I want to stand in the four corners so I can be in four states at once😉

Definitely a must... if it's not paint, use water, shaving cream, food, etc... it's fun to get messy and act playful. Just make sure to dress appropriately and bring a change of clothes/shoes.

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Already did the paint fight thing, but it would be fun a second time. with water based paint!

*bucket list for girls*

This Time Last Year: A Reflection One Year After College Graduation

I only have four more days of high school and my journey for college begins! I can't wait to graduate from my future school. I hope to complete college at Northern Arizona University and graduate with my bachelor's in Psychology.

That would be a dream come true! kayaking with the humpback whales.

"I kayaked with the humpback whales and it was the most amazing trip ever. I want to do it again with my family!" Sounds amazing, I want to do something like that. with killer whales, they're soo beautifuuul.


bucket list: go on the skydeck in chicago! Chicago is already on my list- have yet to go there!

Been a bridesmaid twice already but get to do it for one of my best friends next year xxxx

Be a bridesmaid. Done for one of my best friends weddings. I've always dreamed of being a bridesmaid.

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Kiss under the Eiffel Tower. Not only do I want to go to Paris to see the Eiffel Tower, but it would be so romantic to kiss underneath it.

Bonfires are the best and I have them all the time in the summer. Just need all my friends to join me!

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