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All about gardening in Fairbanks, Alaska. Follow us as we dive into sub-arctic gardening in the great white north!
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there is a small tomato plant growing in the ground with text overlay that reads garden irritation
This is an important topic to any northern gardener or grower that uses irrigation systems. You need to know how to winterize your irrigation systems to prevent problems from occurring during the freezing winter months. Failure to do so can result in expensive and time consuming repairs, sometimes wasting precious water!
some cauliflower are sitting on top of each other with the words select the right varieties for subaruci & extreme northern gardens
Variety Selection For Subarctic & Extreme Northern Gardens
When we originally wrote this article, we had a different perspective about northern growing than we do now. Originally, we were focused on this concept of “cold climate seeds” as if that were actually a thing. The truth is, it’s not. What we have generally found is that some types of garden plants do exceptionally well in cold climates. Then there are certain things that are more challenging and require a bit more specificity in variety selection.
The Importance Of Air Temperature vs. Soil Temperature In Cold Climate Growing
When most people talk about cold climates, the immediate thought that comes to mind is colder than average air temperatures. The truth is, there’s a little bit more to it, especially when it comes to growing food and trying to grow warmer climate foods. Learn about soil and air temperature and improve your gardening!
Hardening Off Schedule For Indoor Grown Seedlings
Hardening off your seedlings is a very important step when you raise your own garden starts indoors. We’ve heard countless tales of gardeners losing their entire crop when they don’t yield this advice. This post aims to tell you all about the subject and also how we harden off our plants!
Square foot gardening guide.
Square foot gardening, an intensive gardening technique, was popularized by Mel Bartholomew in his book Square Foot Gardening. At the simplest form, it’s the practice of dividing a raised bed into square feet. We'll guide you through design and implementation of a beautiful and productive square foot garden!
What seeds should you be starting today?
Need some guidance on what to start when? Our seed starting schedule for northern gardeners has got you covered!
a red flower with headphones on and the words rushing the limits raising garden starts in the
Pushing the limits raising garden starts in the subarctic
a planter with plants in it that says, what you should be planting in may
What you should be planting in May.
What should you be seeding in May in the interior of Alaska.
there is a tomato plant in the pot with words over it that read, what you should be planting in alaska
What you should be planting in April in Alaska
This is the seed starting schedule you should be using for growing food in Alaska!
there is a tomato plant in the pot with words over it that read, what you should be planting in alaska
What you should be planting in April in Alaska
This is the seed starting schedule you should be using for growing food in Alaska!
indoor seed germination techniques to grow your own flower and veggie plants
Indoor Seed Germination Techniques
Save money and grow hundreds of your own flower and veggie starts!
growing your own vegetable garden starts
Growing Your Own Vegetable Garden Starts Indoors In Cold Climates
It didn’t take long for us to figure out we were spending a ton of money on acquiring plants to grow. It’s easy to spend hundreds of dollars on plants for even a moderate sized garden. Seeds, however, are considerably cheaper compared to garden starts from a nursery. That said, there can be a considerable investment involved when growing your own seeds. It’s a little bit more complex than “just add light.”
the zone 2 seed starting schedule is shown in front of an image of some plants
Interior Alaska Seed Starting Schedule
This is the Frosty Garden seed starting schedule that we use for our vegetable and flower gardens within Interior Alaska. Our schedule was originally based on the UAF Extension Service schedule. Over the years, we have expanded it based on our needs, personal experience and the things we grow.
tomatoes growing in pots with text overlay that reads sub - integrated container gardening the lazy way to produce plants
Sub Irrigated Container Gardening
If you’ve ever “bottom watered” a plant, you have essentially practiced sub irrigation. Sub irrigation has been around for a long time, the Hanging Gardens of Babylon were based on the concept. The underlying concept behind sub irrigated systems is pretty simple. You basically have a reservoir of water that is in constant contact with the container’s soil, typically at the bottom of a container.
birch syrup harvesting from the tree in your yard
Birch Syrup Harvesting Within Interior Alaska
We were very excited to learn that we can harvest birch syrup right in our literal back yard here in Fairbanks, AK. With only 1,500 gallons of birch syrup produced world-over annually, this seemed to be a very special thing that we could do up here in Interior Alaska that is unique to the area.
a small toy sheep holding a christmas tree in front of purple flowers with the words, new to wildness? tips for new cold climate gardeners
Tips for new cold climate gardeners
These are some of our top tips and tricks for cold climate gardening and gardening in general. We want to see you succeed with your garden, so we freely share the things we’ve learned through trial and error over the years.
the top ten cold climate gardening techniques
Top Ten Cold Climate Gardening Techniques
Here we offer ten of our top cold weather gardening tips that can help you extend the season and have a successful harvest. Cold climate gardening can take a bit more preparation and thought, especially in the shoulder seasons where the potential for frost is real. Using these tips will ensure you can grow a successful garden anywhere, even in the subarctic!