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Raising Chickens for Meat :: Choosing a breed, Gathering Supplies, and Preparing for Health Maintenance

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How to Butcher a Chicken, Part 1: Preparing Your Work Space; Killing, Scalding and Plucking Chickens

This list of homesteading skills & ideas was compiled to help current homesteaders and inspire urban homesteaders in their long journey to self-sufficiency.

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A hen eats approximately 1/2 Cup of feed per day (more in winter, less in summer, more if they don't free range). A 50 lb. bag contains approximately 85 cups of feed.

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Silver Gray Dorking. are great foragers (reducing the cost of feed). have a very gentle temperament. the hens are often broody (limiting the need for egg incubation) and make wonderful mothers to the chicks they are able to hatch. are able to mate on their own. lay a beautiful white/cream colored egg well into the winter months produce very tasty meat. are a homesteader’s dream chicken!!!

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5 Tips for a Cleaner Coop with Less Effort

It’s that time of year when I do a major coop cleaning and this year, it's an easier task than ever before due to a few simple modifications that were made in our coops. Not only is it faster to complete the semi-annual ‘deep cleanings,’ but I find that I am able to keep the coops cleaner in between deep cleanings by employing these five elements: droppings boards, removable roosts, a dedicated coop duster, sand and apple cider vinegar.

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