FS Math 4th Grade

FS Math 4th Grade

Fort Smith Arkansas / Resources by Strand for Fort Smith 4th Grade teachers working to master CCSS!!
FS Math 4th Grade
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Equivalent fraction race

Math center for fractions Equivalent Fraction Race: two students each roll a dice. Write two numbers as a proper fraction, then both students race to write all the equivalent fractions they can create for that fraction.

Pattern block fractions

how to make other shapes with pattern blocks chart - and other math anchor charts

Geometry Attributes 4th Grade Common Core Unit- all the hands-on activities, lessons, assessments, printables, differentiation ideas, vocab cards, and slides you need- clearly planned out! CCSS 4.G. 1 and 2.$

Geometry Attributes Lesson Plan Unit- Grade Common Core Geometry This is a Common Core Standards-based supplemental geometry unit. This geometry unit is

FREE Simplifying Fractions Bingo

Fun way to introduce the lesson on fractions: FREE Simplifying Fractions Bingo from Laura Candler

Fraction Strip - Equivalent Fractions

Here you will find our Fraction Strip collection for equivalent fractions, Equivalent Fractions Worksheet, Free Printable Fraction Worksheets, Free Math Sheets for kids by the Math Salamanders

Common Core 4.G.2 {Geometry Assessment  Rubrics} $1

Common Core 4.G.2 {Geometry Assessment Rubrics} $1

Literally "Walking through Math Problems": Great for any student who struggles with explaining their thinking

Literally "Walking through Math Problems": Great for any student who struggles with explaining their thinking. Links to Yale Center for Dyslexia and has some excellent information about teaching math to students with Dyslexia.

Geometry Common Core Test Prep for 4th Grade $

This is a test prep resource resource is for the Grade Common Core Geometry standards and aligns with CCSS and Each type of problem (extended or multiple choice) contains 2 pages with 4 questions on each page.