Step 1: Food Storage Shelves

Get some inspiration and motivation for your own food storage rooms and shelves with these great examples!

Step 1: Food Storage Shelves

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Food Storage Shelves Pinterest Board - Inspiration and motivation for your food storage rooms

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DIY Wall-Hanging Canned Food Storage Shelf

DIY Wall-Hanging Canned Food Storage Tutorial - Survivehive

TUTORIAL: How to Build a Rotating Can Rack out of CARDBOARD | via Food Storage Made Easy

TUTORIAL: How to Build a Rotating Can Rack - Food Storage Made Easy

Free Printable: Cute Food Storage Bucket LABELS!

Free Printable: Cute Food Storage Bucket LABELS! - Food Storage Made Easy

Space-saving can storage next to refrigerator

Now-You-See-It, Now-You-Don't Pantry

Our favorite food storage shelves. These rotating racks come in all shapes and sizes to meet all your needs for storage and rotation. LOVE! (Visit jodiandjulie.thri... to see all sizes)

Can racks and food rotation systems for food storage
  • Rhonda Bell
    Rhonda Bell

    LOVE these! We bought one a couple of years ago. Sure makes rotating easier.

I want a food storage room like this.

Design Ideas, Pictures, Remodel and Decor
  • Phila Storts
    Phila Storts

    Is this a kitchen or a room dedicated to food storage?

use the doors!

Kitchenette Idea: Turn a Closet into a Pantry

Pantry shelving spaced

Pretty Pantry–{In my Own Style} | The CSI Project
  • Peggy Bucklew
    Peggy Bucklew

    This has got to be Dave's pantry

make a pull out can rack...very cool

Learning to be me: Cabinet DIY completed and tutorial
  • Pamela McClam
    Pamela McClam

    gotta make this .

food storage ideas

On-wall Food Storage Space Saver - Pharaoh's Storehouse
  • Lynn Lawrence
    Lynn Lawrence


  • Michelle Richards
    Michelle Richards

    I have been trying to find these to purchase them but the line is bad. I even tried pharaos store house. No luck so far.

  • Michelle Richards
    Michelle Richards

    The LINK is bad.

  • Food Storage Made Easy (Jodi and Julie)
    Food Storage Made Easy (Jodi and Julie)

    I think they've gone out of business :(

I want to try this....extra space in a pantry

IHeart Organizing: It's HERE! The Kitchen Cabinet Tour!!

It's good to remember in a food storage room, you don't have to leave a big huge space in the middle, be creative and pull shelves through the room

Food storage basics | The Sassy Homemaker
  • Terry Qualls
    Terry Qualls

    They really need to get those big bags of stuff out of the bags and into buckets for long term storage.

  • Dorothy Weston
    Dorothy Weston

    Can you tell me where to purchase shelves like these?

The shorter shelves are great because so often there is wasted space when the shelves are high.

Blueprint Bliss
  • Deborah Robinson
    Deborah Robinson

    I can only dream!

  • Melanie Hobbs
    Melanie Hobbs

    Me too Deborah-I will dream on ; )

  • Becky Hering
    Becky Hering

    This would be so awesome did you build all the shelves yourself?

  • Melanie Hobbs
    Melanie Hobbs

    No, this a great set-up! I am "dreaming" of my fav set-up ; )

  • London

    this is so cute

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This is so cool. Those corner pantry shelves can be so hard. The whole post has great ideas.

The Great Pantry Makeover - Decorchick!
  • Dianne Cummins
    Dianne Cummins

    Too bad you dad doesn't patent the shelves and sell the pattern to those who would be willing to make them. I have a talented husband.

  • Tonja White
    Tonja White

    This is nice,! Wish I had shelfs instead of a closet style pantry!

Home Food Storage Organizers. Check out foodstoragemadeea... for an option that ships national too :)

Patuxent Ward Relief Society: RS Food Storage Activity
  • Jenny Dickey
    Jenny Dickey

    i really like this system...but can someone tell me what the holes are for in the roller shelf...i see something shiny in one hole per I assume it is a way of tracking what to use curious what these are made out of...cardboard? wood?....might purchase these if i could find out more!

  • KristiAnn Johnson
    KristiAnn Johnson

    I found the website and it looks like wood. http://www.rnrfoodorganizer...

Need ideas on where to store your food? Download this free handout!

Small Spaces Storage Solutions - Results

How to make your own "Can Rotating Rack" out of CARDBOARD!

How to Build Your Own Can Rotating Rack | Food Storage Made Easy
  • Carrie Smallwood
    Carrie Smallwood

    You could also Mod Podge scrapbook paper on the outside of these to decorate them. Easier than painting!

Shelf Reliance - The ultimate source for food storage shelves of all sizes and varieties. For biggest discounts use this link: jodiandjulie.shel...

All Food Rotation Systems; Can Rotation Systems; Cupboard

If you don't have the time to make your own rotating shelves, these CanOrganizers are a cheap and easy way to organize your food storage!

CanOrganizer - Canned food storage rotation and organization