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Would you like some ice with that burn?

Funny pictures about Complete obliteration of argument. Oh, and cool pics about Complete obliteration of argument. Also, Complete obliteration of argument.

If you're going to follow your bible, follow all of it.

It's OK, if it's what god wanted. So because god is inherently good and his words are the basis of christian morality, it is good and moral to kill a woman for not being a virgin before she is married or wanting a divorce.

The harsh concept of hell - Loving god? I think not.

The harsh concept of hell is keeping this atheist from God. He or she thinks, "If suffering and damnation exist, a loving God cannot.

Teaching children about all religions and how they all stem from myths to soothe basic human fears helps then understand why none of them is true and why they are so prevalent.

Atheist parenting - you don't need to shelter them from religious dogma. Teach them the morals that religion thinks it has the exclusivity on, and teach them to look at things with an open mind and they will see for themselves how religion works.

This is how I approach religion

Patton Oswalt Religion Meme: “You gotta respect everyone’s beliefs…? No, you don’t! That’s what gets us in trouble. You have to acknowledge everyone’s beliefs. And reserve the right to go "That is.

I like this better than coexist

This is where I conflict with most UU beliefs. I *don't* necessarily respect all paths/religions. Some theist people I respect more than others, some religions I respect more than others, but I utterly dismiss some and have disdain for some.

Obeying the bible, you're doing it wrong.

I just love how people like to take this verse out of context! As long as it is not about Satan or the dead, it is fine. The last time I checked God is not DEAD!

Happy Easter Michonne, Darryl and Rick!

I'm not befriending any fucking zombies! Those cocksuckers will eat your fuckin' brains!

I'd kick him in the balls if he really existed.

Interesting point: "Love me, or I'll torture you forever." When men say that, they are always abusers and treat women like cattle.

This Must Be the New Department of Education Logo

This Must Be the New Department of Education Logo

US Dept of Education Logo - Bigly improved by The Searcher!


bah, proven by science to be ineffective.

sooooo true

Marie Curie died for you!we have lots of 'real' heroes who didn't know they would be back in 3 days.