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Read Bulgarian fairy tales, folktales and fables at Fairytalez.com

Read the finest Danish fairy tales and folktales at Fairytalez.com. A collection from Hans Christian Andersen and more. #Danish #fairytales

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Fairytalez.com's newest ebook of #Christmas stories is out now! Christmas Tales: The Night Before Christmas and Other Christmas Stories is now on Kindle. #Christmas #holidays #Xmas #NightBeforeChristmas

Fairytalez has published its first ebook! This collection of #mermaid stories featuring mermaid tales from around the world. Find The Little Mermaid, Melusina, and much more. #mermaidlore #mermaidstories

Finnish #folktales and #fairytales include lively stories of animal and nature. You can read many of them, including the collection by Parker Fillmore, at Fairytalez.com - along with over 2,000 other tales!

Arabian #folktales include Egyptian, Persian, Indian and Mesopotamian influence. Read #Arabic folklore including A 1001 Nights now at Fairytalez.com!

This rich collection of African #folktales includes tales from multiple regions of Africa, including fairy tales and folktales from South Africa, Nigeria, Rhodesia and Zanzibar. Read all of the stories now at Fairytalez.com

North American folklore and fairy tales at Fairytalez.com. Charles Skinner, Native American tales and more - all free to read at the website and given a reading level and time #folklore #folktale