Eden Gray
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Saatchi Online Artist: Ellen Dittebrandt; Acrylic, 2010, Painting "Above my head "

I love birch trees - this is beautiful Saatchi Online Artist Ellen Dittebrandt; Painting, "Above my head "

Charlotte Caron

Animals, You're an Animal, Don't take anything less . / Animal, Song by James Bellamy. 🎤 animal masks on photographic portraits are the work of French artist Charlotte Caron.

Cornelia Parker

CORNELIA PARKER, MASS (COLDER DARKER MATTER) This is the most amazing piece of art at the Phoenix Museum. The artist took pieces of charred wood from a church steeple that was hit by lightning and strung them on wire.

Tree Line - by Zander Olsen

Zander Olsen, Tree Line. "wrapping trees with white material to construct a visual relationship between tree, not-tree and the line of horizon according to the camera’s viewpoint.


This simple, yet striking series, titled Legends, is the work of Brooklyn based artist/illustrator William Hatch Crosby.