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Signs and adds of yesteryear, how some of the signs looked back then. Much different from us kind of a feel and takes us back.
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Ness Auto

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'Van Ness Auto' Neon sign from the neon collection of Will Durham at the Nevada Museum of Art This jovial gentleman once welcomed customers to an auto parts store in Redwood City, California, just south of San Francisco.

The Light Circus - Art of Nevada Neon Signs @ Nevada Museum of Art

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Vintage Signs from the Backroads...

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Wonder wheel

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Reno Nevada

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Lucky Motel

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Lucky Motel ~ Reno, NV

Signs of the Nevada Roadside: Reno

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Joy Joy

This is a Fine Art photo of the 'JOY' sign in Arcadia, Oklahoma by Martin Garfinkel. This once small elegant hotel, was opened by the Fabian Dumount family in the 1930s.


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Customneonsign Beerneonsigns

Cheapneonsigns Neonsignsuk

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Signs ~ Nashville. Tn.

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Neon Uithangborden

Usa Neon

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Texas Route 66

Cactus Inn Motel, Route 66 - McLean, Texas

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Red Top Cafe neon sign

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Pink Poodle Motel.

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Tony'S Vintage

Tony's (vintage neon sign) by Tom Spaulding

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~*~ Oklahoma City

Oklahoma City OK Oklahoma Route 66 Old Historic town on the Route66 2011 Roads Building Signs Architecture Mother road

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Motel Cherokee

Wigwam Motel.... (in Cherokee, NC)

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Cat Chevrolet

Felix Sign

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Chevrolet Figueroa

Figueroa St

Vintage Neonsign

#Vintage #Sign

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#Nashville Sporting Goods (Nashville, TN) #Travel Tennessee USA We cover the world over 220 countries, 26 languages and 120 currencies Hotel and Flight deals.guarantee the best price

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Bowlmor Lanes Neon New York via flickr

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Cuppa Coffee

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i <3 Coffee... Coffee Bottomless Vintage Metal Art Coffee Shop Diner Retro Tin Sign

$32.00 : Vintage Metal Art, Custom Metal Signs, Vintage Tins Signs and Custom Street Signs

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Coffee Humor | Vintage coffee shop sign | Coffee 25 cents | When Starbucks gets to be a vintage coffee shop, they'll be able to use this same sign - only the 25 will be dollars not cents.

Wholesale Red Horse Signs - Custom Vintage Signs

Sharonville Ohio

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Beer Stand

Stand In

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Times Neon

Stand Flickr

The Root Beer Stand Sharonville Ohio

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Nylons Stocking


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stocking factory

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Louis Steak

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Inside St. Louis - Steak n Shake

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Oklahoma Birthplace


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Photograph of Mom's Cafe, Salina, Utah

Photograph of the Mom's Cafe neon sign in Salina, Utah.