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a woman standing in front of a sign that says you're one click away
Masterclass on Thumbnails
A deep dive covering many different elements of thumbnail psychology and design.
Surprised, shocked, scared, eyes wide open, mouth open like a gasp, eyebrows raised Eyebrows, Scared Eyes, Eyes Wide Open, Youtube Thumbnails, Mouth Open, Open Mouth, Awesome Stuff, Coming Soon
Emotion: "Complete Overwhelm"
Surprised, shocked, scared, eyes wide open, mouth open like a gasp, eyebrows raised
a man with glasses is standing in front of a five guys sign and talking to the camera
Emotion: "Extreme Curiosity"
"what is happening" - lips puckered like saying "what", looking around a corner ahead
a man holding up three cell phones in front of him with the text $ 7, 000
Recognizable logo, solid background, mobile screens, $$
two men are standing in the woods with signs above them that say you're gon na love it
Emotion: "Trust me"
You're gonna love it, hand wave, confident, come along, wait and see
a man pointing at a laptop screen with stacks of money in front of him
Emotion: "Have you seen this?"
Matter of fact, confident, casual, slight surprise, this is crazy
a man sitting in front of a laptop computer with the words fix this above it
Blurred Laptop Screen
Build curiosity, simple text with an arrow.
a woman with pink hair is looking at the camera and has her hand under her chin
Emotion: "Don't Tell Anyone"
Secret, shhh, naughty secret, suspicious, mischief
a man with glasses pointing to the v19 logo
Corner Blur
Large font, recognizable logo, arrow, well-lit photo, relevant graphic in the bg, corners blurred
a man pointing at the camera with money flying around him and text that reads make your first $ 1, 000
Simple Thumbnail
Greenscreen photo, graphic repeated in background, large logo, simple text
an image of a web page with many different things on it, including pictures and videos
Branded Thumbnails
Purple theme, large text, graphics to match theme, arrows, well-lit photo
a man sitting in front of a laptop computer on top of a desk with the words overnight
Large font with 1-2 words, arrow, something highlighted in a screenshot, photo smiling
a man is pointing to the side of his website with text overlaying him
Two words, large and simple font, graphic that matches topic, photo, arrow, number