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This must be the coolest website EVER. Click on any area of girl's body you'd like to tone and it gives you a full list of exercises you can do. :)

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The Quickest Muffin-Top Workout

Fight the muffin top by working your entire core. These moves will help tighten your middle!

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Upper Body Kettlebell Workout -- targets shoulders, upper back, chest and arms.
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It's gross but I have lost 23lbs so far, so all of that fat at the bottom has come off my body which actually feels amazing

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This workout is no joke. Doing this every other day for the next 6 weeks. My butt was so sore after day one. Started with two rounds of each set, working up to 3 rounds. Jessica Simpson's Daisy Duke Workout (She did it 5x a week, I'm alternating this with trail running)