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Do These 13 Things To Make Guests Happy

13 Things to Make your Guests Happy will undoubtedly gush over your gown, be amazed by your centerpieces and snap photos of the wedding cake. But give them a charging station for when their phones hit battery power or blist.

Great list

Awesome idea: The very first one was one of the few things I demanded on our wedding day. I didn't want to make guests wait a long time for pictures, but I did make them wait 15 minutes for us to eat alone and let what we just did sink in.

6 Techy Commandments for Every Bride

Windy wedding, 1965 Newly-wed bride Eileen Petticrew's veil flies up in a gust of wind as she poses with husband Robert Greenhill outside St John the Evangelist Church, Notting Hill, London.

What Your Wedding Fight Says About Your Marriage

The silly spats you and your fiance get into while planning your wedding can be red flags for hot-button issues down the road.If You Fight O