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The mental aspect of racing is almost more important than the physical training you have done to get there. These 9 tips are great for switching your perspective when those negative thoughts emerge.

I try to tell myself before a workout that running is my passion and I will enjoy it, but the complaints only stop when I am actually running! << so true XD

Half marathon

Fueling your body for miles is a training plan in its own right. When you eat right, you not only fuel yourself properly on race day, but throughout your training program.


This is a great thought to consider, especially since 4 months ago I could not even run half a mile without stopping and being short of breath. A good motivational quote when training for a half marathon :)


Runner Things You know that feeling when you get done with a workout and your shirt is soaked, you're dripping, a little shaky from the exertion. That's when I think, "I did it again, I really did it." And I know I can do it again tomorrow.

Half of it is about the mental fight!

How do you find your strong? I find strength and confidence knowing that I can accomplish MORE when running in my Virrata by Saucony.