First ever Wal-Mart ad from 1962.....

First ever Wal-Mart ad, 1962 I did not know Walmart was born the same year I was! I'm older than Walmart by about 4 months.

Bad Ads

This is a negative ad because a cigarette company is trying to influence a pregnant mother to smoke their brand of cigarettes because they taste good and because it will make the baby skinner when it is born.

McDonald's Ad 1960

This is an advertisement for Mickey D's (mcdonalds). Around this time we see that many companies start almost nationwide marketing campaigns. This one shows a "delicious" cheeseburger for only 19 cents. I guess this is the start of obesity.


Hot Strawberry delicious From Seventeen, Advertising cross-promotion between Cutex cosmetics and Ship 'n Shore clothing.

Seriously... an ad from 1954. Just want to express my thanks to Susan B, and Katy Stanton and Gloria Steinam, and ...all the wonderful woman who went before us and told them all to go to hell!

"How to measure your wife for an ironing table?" How about measuring your wife for a 9 iron so she can beat you? You try ironing in a skirt, high heels and a stiff hairdo and then we'll see how you like "getting measured for an ironing table!

1980's Wendy's Commercial

7 TV Celebrities Your Parents Loved

Wendy's original "Where's the Beef" commercial. That was Clara Peller and I can still hear her voice.

Dippity Do vintage ad

I remember seeing this at my Grandma's house when she was getting her hair done. Dippity Do vintage ad

vintage 7up ad

Vintage Weight Loss Ads: A Look At The Health Advice Of Yesteryear (Seven-Up) www. other-cool-stuff weight-loss-tips

Radio Clock vintage ad

Vintage advertisement for alarm clock. Rise & Shine with your new in Radio-Clock-Alarm-Timer;

vintage ad

psaaok: “Beautiful Lady… Let Us Help You Keep Beautiful.” Produced by Christian Printing Co. (Durham, NC) for Ellis-Stone Beauty Shoppe, Un.

Virtue Brothers Chrome Dinettes, 1952

Dianne Zweig - Kitsch 'n Stuff: Virtue Brothers of California Chrome Dinettes: Retro Tables and Chairs I still have the yellow set.