the gift of hugs....

Morning coffee (39 photos)

Love this it's so true. Let people know that you love them today! without saying it.Did you give a hug someone today. Because Someone today might need a hug. I approve this quoted pin. because i want to hug you.

A Mother's Love

So true! Best feeling in the world! All my troubles are forgotten when my children wrap their arms around me! Feeling blessed this afternoon best kids ever need t stay as positive as I can x

Camping party.... good idea for when a storm causes your power to go out. Take away young children's fears by making it into a game/party... use flash lights or solar lights from the yard.

Sleep Over Camping party! Perfect for those cold, winter months. This would be so much fun on Christmas Eve.


One of the best Parrot pictures ever! This Umbrella Cockatoo and Sun Conure seen to be best friends.this certainly takes the saying "Let me take you under my wing" to a whole new level.

being able to relate is important

This is why I dislike when people say "Oh I understand." I know they have good intentions and NO you don't understand. Everyone's situation is different to them. Please remember this before you say you understand!

the heart of a true relationship

A strong friendship doesn't need daily conversation, doesn't always need togetherness, as long as the relationship lives in the heart, true friends will never part. I love my bestfriend


Funny pictures about Industrial Strength Bubbles. Oh, and cool pics about Industrial Strength Bubbles. Also, Industrial Strength Bubbles photos.