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All types of fundraising letters including how to write donation request letters, sample fundraising letters you can copy, plus tips on raising more funds with your appeal letter. To read the article, just double click the picture.
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This 780-year-old letter, sent in the year 1235, may be the oldest fundraising letter on record. It’s certainly the oldest we know of. It is also an extraordinarily competent appeal that identifies the different types of people that the writer, a famous Buddhist sage, wishes to address and describes not just the need that donors can meet but also recognises the benefits that they, the donors, might receive when they respond.

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Fundraising Event Sponsorship Letter

Event Sponsorship Letter

How to raise money with your newsletters

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Check Your Next Fundraising Appeal Letter Against This 16 Point List Before Sending

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One way to improve your fundraising letters is to not include photos in the letter copy. Why? Because the photos make your fundraising appeal letter look like a brochure instead of a personalized request for donations.

Photos Ruin Fundraising Letters

One of the best fundraising letter tips is to segment your donor list. Why? Because you need to write differently to your main donor categories so that you can measure your response rates and improve your results.

Fundraising Letter Tips: Segment Your List

20 power phrases that that will make your donor feel like the hero of your fundraising appeal letter

My best friend is a guy.

Donation Thank You Letter Mistakes - Your thank you letter needs to be personal, sincere, and appreciative, yet many groups don’t get things right when thanking their supporters.

Donation Thank You Letter Mistakes

The Art Of The Ask - How to ask for a donation online, in person, or in a letter. What to say in just 20 words:

The Art Of The Ask

11 great tips for making your next non-profit press release social and shareable

11 Tips for Making Nonprofit Press Releases Social and Shareable

How To Write Effective Copy For A Non-Profit Organization, Charity, Or Fund Raiser

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The 10 essentials of an ideal thank you letter

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How to craft donation appeal emails that always convert -

How to craft donation appeal emails that always convert

Going on a mission trip? Great tips on writing a support letter #fundraising #missions

How To Write A Mission Trip Support Letter {SAMPLE}

3 Tips For Effective Fundraising Letters

3 Tips for Effective Fundraising Letters |

Why You Should Include A Second Ask In Your Donation Thank You Letter

Donation Thank You Letter Second Ask

9 Words to Boost Year-end Appeals - Use words that are emotional triggers

Nine simple words to boost your end-of-year appeals

3 Simple Ways to Improve Your Fall Direct Mail Fundraising Appeal

3 Simple Ways to Improve Your Fall Direct Mail Fundraising Appeal

There are two words that non-profit groups shouldn’t use in their donor communications, whether its email, online, in a fundraising letter or a newsletter. Those two words are “very” and “different” and you are doing your organization a disservice by using them. Read why:

Two Words Nonprofits Shouldn't Use

Donation Letter Reply Devices - Your donation letter reply device must follow the 4 C’s – It must be Clear, Complete, Compelling, and Convenient.

The 4 C's Of Donation Letter Reply Devices

Fundraising Postcards - There’s a reason why businesses use postcard mailers… Because they work!

Fundraising Postcard Ideas

80 Email Subject Lines for End of Year Fundraising

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Sample Donation Request Letter - How to write a donation request letter. Use the 4Cs to write your fundraising letters and you'll create a donation letter that's guaranteed to get results.

Fundraiser Help: Fundraising Letters & Samples That Work

How to Write a Successful Letter Asking for Corporate Sponsorship of a Special Event - Yahoo! Voices -

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5 Mistakes In Fundraising Letters

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