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Wall & Corner Guards. These are good to cover sharp right angles so they don't aim a poison arrow at someone.

For placing over a right angle wall corner to prevent a poison arrow.

These mirrors are the best I've ever seen for putting on computer monitors---because they are so easily adjustable!

Samdone Blind Spot Rear View Mirror with 360 Degree Rotatable Plus 30 Degree Sway Adjustable HD Glass Convex Wide Angle, Universal Design for All Cars, SUV, Truck and UTV

Weathervanes are essential for homes that have a slope down behind the home. This weathervane is better than one single bird. It has more "relationship energy".

Buy a Pelican Weathervane. Call 2 9449 9892 Glenview Products for the largest range of beautiful weathervanes for sale.

Wavy objects symbolize water, so this bowl is perfect for the Career Area (as well as the Health/Family Area & Wealth Corner).

Modern walnut hand carved bowls made from salvaged wood.

This house has several obvious feng shui problems. The front stairs with no risers is one of them. Painting the railing red is a great solution.

Modern Private Apartment - Heart of Lawrenceville! - Apartments for Rent in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States

This may not be EVERY person's idea of "romantic" but it's definitely SOME people's version.

Luxury Queen Quilt - French Country Floral Quilt Set In Red by American Hometex

Mattia Bonetti table---perfect in Career Area.

Interview with Mattia Bonetti, at the Cardi Gallery

Another view of a Joris Laarman table---perfect for Career Area.

Another view of a Joris Laarman table---perfect for Career Area.

A perfect accent piece for Travel/Helpful People or the Children/Creativity Areas.

Sculptor Alma Allen, solid bronze footed bowl with polished finish: AD June's Most Wanted Home Furnishings & Accessories