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Ideas of stuff I want to use with my elementary school occupational therapy kids :)
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the very hungry caterpillar cupcake liner craft for kids to make with paper plates
25 Fun the Very Hungry Caterpillar Activities
Activities the Very Hungry Caterpillar | 25 Fun The Very Hungry Caterpillar Activities · The Inspiration Edit
Slime Ribbons Scissors Activity Sensory Play, Sensory Activities, Playdough, Homemade Slime, Slime Recipe, Crafts For Kids, Cutting Activities
Slime Ribbons Scissors Activity - Homegrown Friends
Slime Ribbons Scissors Activity
20 halloween fine motor activities for kids to do with their hands and feet on the table
20 Halloween Fine Motor Activities
20 Halloween Fine Motor Activities- great ideas for all kids, especially for children with sensory processing disorder or Autism.
an animal tape rescue activity for toddlers to do on the floor with their toys
Animal Tape Rescue Activity - Busy Toddler
Animal Tape Rescue Activity #busytoddler #toddler #toddleractivity #easytoddleractivity #indooractivity #toddleractivities #preschoolactivities #homepreschoolactivity #playactivity #preschoolathome #tabyactivities #babyactivities
an advertisement for building a bridge for 2 elephants, with the title engineering science for kids challenge
Build A Bridge for 21 Elephants
Do you know the story of the Brooklyn Bridge? This fun book for kids tells the tale featuring PT Barnum, a circus and 21 elephants. It also inspired this week's Engineering Science for Kids challenge - build a bridge to hold 21 elephants! A great STEM / STEAM activity for preschoolers and elementary aged students
a book cover for pom - pom whisk, with an image of a hand holding a wire whisk
A simple fine motor activity for babies, toddlers, and preschoolers using colored pom-poms
paper plate hot air balloons are hanging from the ceiling
20 Paper Plate Crafts for Preschoolers
Paper Plate Hot Air Balloons
two hands holding a ball of plastic beads
Fine motor activity using a spiky ball and loom bands
Here is a simple fine motor activity using a spiky ball and loom bands. It's lots of fun for preschoolers or children needing to build their hand muscles for writing and gripping objects. Occupational therapist would also be very interested in this easy idea for kids.
the finger gym is organized and ready to be used
Pick up pipe cleaners with a magnet and use tweezers to remove the pipe cleaners.
a table topped with lots of different types of gears on top of green grass covered ground
(@littlelearners7111) on Instagram: “Preschool Provocation #finemotorskills #prewritingskills #problemsolving #conversationstarter”
an egg carton filled with lots of different colored feathers
Pincer Fine Motor Skill Practice
Work on fine motor skills and pincer grasp by using clothespin birds to feed pipe cleaner worms to the pom pom baby chicks. So clever!
the instructions for how to make diy toys with fine motor development and construction paper
6 DIY Toys to Encourage Fine Motor Development | WonderBaby.org
Home-made toys for students to learn fine motor skills. {pacifickid.net/}
there is a pile of legos on the table with words in front of them
Lego Challenge–Disaster Island
Lego Challenge–Disaster Island – The Lego Librarian