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Ideas of stuff I want to use with my elementary school occupational therapy kids :) Occasionally other random OT related ones....
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Teaching Students How to Justify Answers in Math - Teaching to Inspire with Jennifer Findley

Teaching Students How to Justify Answers in Math - Teaching to Inspire with Jennifer Findley


Enchanted Meditations for Kids (Calm for Kids)

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Weighted hedgehog for sensory input. See more at http://missawesomeness.com/hedgehog/

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This is a lifehack, using a tennis ball with a slit in it, to protect the softer fabrics of your sweaters on hooks. :) Or use a vinyl Munchy ball from TherapyFunZone.com instead, in case of possible lint!

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Be an animal doctor! Cut a line across the paper animal (surgery?) to practice cutting, then fix it with a band-aid - opening and applying a band-aid is a great self-help skill and fine motor task.

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Keep your puzzle pieces intact when traveling using high-quality painter's tape, or use to make puzzles easier by blocking off some of the pieces. Taken from my Miss Awesomeness Facebook site at https://www.facebook.com/missawesomenessdotcom/photos

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Get little Party City skateboards and then carefully place tiny Zinkies (Squinkie minis) or other small figurines onto them.

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Back Massage from kids funny quote family quote family quotes parent quotes humor parent humor. I'm so doing this too

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Boost your child's visual-motor skills in an easy and creative way by using rubber bands to copy or create!

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Using your flat iron/hair straightener as an iron on edges...curtains, sleeves, collars....just use with caution, no burning your house down or melting buttons. Energy conservation? Genius life hack? Hmm.

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Need something to do quick? Grab some rubber bands. Have the child create a design then write about it. Ask them to make something (make me a "dog paw" and see if they figure out. Make a small design and ask them to copy it, which requires figure-ground work, sequencing, searching, etc.

Rubber bands and visual motor tasks!


Use a large Easter egg as your Bluetooth case. Will hold most of the smaller models. :) Life hack!

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Miss Awesomeness


Home Made by Carmona: Chore System for the Kids


Notice the stickers in the shoes...

A Parent's Guide: Lots of Kid Tips - Kids Activities Blog


Love this idea...or the equivalent at least...

36 Life Hacks Every College Student Should Know


wait is this true?!!!! I think it's a lie!!!

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Pipe Tree

Pipe Tree : S&S Worldwide


Cookie Monster Bean Bag Toss

Teaching-365: Day 52: Cookie Monster Bean Bag Toss


Cool idea. "Jumbo Inflatable Ring Toss. Great for geriatrics and pediatrics OT."

Walmart: Jumbo Inflatable Ring Toss


“Kaleidoscope Painting” Paint the lid of a cup with black paint and use it to stamp overlapping circles. Once it dries, paint inside each shape with a different color.

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Life hack for OT: Key ring help. Use stapler remover to hold key chain open to put on thick keys/protect manicure/etc

Life hack for OT: Key ring help


Make a unique craft for Valentine's Day - a love potato. "I have eyes only for you..." http://missawesomeness.com/the-love-potato-a-unique-valentines-day-craft-activity/

The Love Potato: A Unique Valentine’s Day Craft Activity


This links to an affirmation mp3 I had specifically made for my OT kids who almost all have low self-esteem.

Affirmations for Children/People with Low Self-Esteem


Interesting, never thought about this. Former descrip says Use masking tape and hole punch a ziplock bag into student folders to hold library books and flash cards!

Teaching My Friends!


PLEASE DO THIS instead of using papers/tags! Ideally super small in upper hand corner opposite corner from dominant hand. Mostly helpful for staff coming in. Former descrip says: No more name plates on desks! Sharpie paint pens look so much neater than laminated name tags, which students pick at, peel off, and draw on. Comes off with an Expo dry erase marker and tissue at the end of the year. :)

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