Portrait outfit

I'm not a fan of leopard print stuff, but I LOVE the outfit with the pop of RED color. I would just pick different shoes & a different purse with this.

Comfy fall clothes- need to get a pair of boots like these!

7 Perfect Outfit Ideas for Thanksgiving Break

Oreo Cheesecakes

Mini Oreo Cheesecakes at Big City Cooking, not sure if this is the same recipe I've used before but the kids always loved this mix.


Marc Jacobs turquoise ballet flats - Chic Fashion Pins : The Cutest Pins Around!

Updo for short-medium hair

Braided updo for short hair! :: short hairstyles:: braided updo:: Braided bun:: How to put up short hair (How To Make Makeup Remover)

Erin, when I get my owl done, my next tat needs to be a bird cage with some crazy filigree and and flowers and wonderfulness. Maybe even a fish on a leash.

Cover up idea. Antique bird cage with the bird free on top but i want the door open and the victorian style ink cross speck flowers. the cover up would be in the flowers on the top left and this would be a full side peace. but i really like the idea.

pale nude sparkle nails

-short nails -real nails - nail polish - sexy nails - pretty nails - painted nails - nail ideas - mani pedi - French manicure - sparkle nails -diy nails maybe good for New Years

Narrow Pine Branch Twig Wedding Ring  14k Rose Gold by esdesigns

I wish they had Etsy when mike and i got married! Mike would probably not want to know that this ring is sooo much less expensive than the one I have now. Rose Gold Twig Wedding Ring Narrow Pine Branch by esdesigns LOVE all her stuff!