Paper Rockets

curious kangaroos: Paper Rocket

Come Together Kids: Mini Marshmallow Shooters (or Pom Pom Poppers)

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michelle paige: Nerf Gun Party!

michelle paige: Nerf Gun Party!

nerf gun party - use boxes for kids to hide behind. Will have lots of boxes after the move! I feel another Nerf bday party coming.

How to throw a Nerf Battle Birthday Party

Nerf party with game ideas #nerf

Nerf Wars: Battle Date | The Dating Divas

Nerf Birthday Party-secret agent idea to find stash of Nerf Guns

The Simplest • View topic - Nerf Ninth Party Ideas

Nerf War Birthday Party Capture the Flag Game

counting our blessings: Anyone Up For A Nerf War??

Staked balloons in the yard to shoot with Nerf guns!

Life Frosting: Robbie's Comic Superhero Party!

More Nerf Party Ideas or a few game ideas: Load your gun race Target practices Bullet hunt Race to shoot something Capture the flag game Bowling type game where light weight objects are lined up and they try and knock them over. Some tips: I would check with all the moms and make sure it's okay for the kids to play with the nerf guns. Some people have very strong feelings about guns. Mark all arrows with the kids intials before the party. Have the kids bring google...

Val the Crafty Gal: Nerf Gun Party

3 on three battle

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Suction dart target practice wall

michelle paige: Nerf Gun Party!

Black Tshirts sunnies and sewn on velcro with velcro nerf darts

michelle paige: Nerf Gun Party!