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    Halloween Math Ideas

    Halloween resources for math! Includes math games, printables, resources, math centers, math lessons and anything with a Halloween theme that makes math fun and interesting. Enjoy! Please pin at least 1 FREE idea or resource for every paid item. (At this time, we are not adding new collaborators to this board.)

    Halloween Math Ideas

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    kdg halloween count and color

    you can do so much with an ice tray - patterns, more than less than, sorting, etc etc!

    Halloween Candy Worksheets is a set of worksheets to help students with early math skills, sequencing, cut and paste, color by number, and search and find.Product includes cover page, candy cut and paste sequence worksheet, color by number worksheet, count the candy pieces worksheet, add the candy corn dot addition with sums of 1-10 worksheet, candy corn numbers addition with sums of 1-10 worksheet, and a credits page.***************************************************************************...

    Ghost Counting Game: An active #Halloween game to practice numbers! #preschool #education (repinned by Super Simple Songs)

    how cute is this...for patterns.

    Ten Timid Ghosts - Great for Language Arts & Math

    Ten Timid Ghosts Activity Packet: This packet complements the book, Ten Timid Ghosts, by Jennifer O'Connell. Contents include: * Comprehension quiz * Rhyming sheet * Vocabulary activity * Phonics sheet * Adjectives sheet * Conflict resolution writing activity * Compare/contrast - Ten Timid Ghosts & Room on the Broom * Subtraction/addition sheet - 10 family * Groupings of 10 math sheet * Double-digit addition/subtraction sheet * Witch's Hat Craft * Haunted House Craft * Answer keys

    Halloween Ten Frames Math Activity Packet Bundle: A fun way to practice addition and subtraction facts in a hauntingly hands-on way. Also a great way to practice number recognition. Contents Include: * Two Halloween Ten Frames Work Mats * Two Instruction Sets * Two Sets of Number Cards * Two Sets of Ghost Counters * One Set of Problem Cards * One Set of Number Recognition Cards * Two Addition Student Record Sheets * Two Subtraction Student Record Sheets #Halloween #Math #Ten #Frame

    Halloween Math Drills: This packet provides many math exercises with a Halloween theme. Contents include: * Single & double digit addition * Double digit addition in series * Triple digit addition in series * Single digit subtraction * Double digit subtraction * Subtraction with addition self-check * Basic multiplication facts * Double digit multiplication * Basic division facts * Long division * Double digit greatest/least * Triple digit greatest/least * Place value * Answer keys

    ***FREE*** A set of BIG Halloween theme number flashcards 0-20, plus a set of 10-frame flashcards, 0-20 - for centers, individual work, and small group teaching. They can used for matching, sequencing, subitizing, recognition, and memory, concentration and snap games.

    Halloween characters and haunted houses - Match 7 various ways that numbers can be represented, 0-10. - The ways are: numeral ~ word ~ 10-frame ~tally marks ~ dice ~ fingers ~ sets of Halloween candy. Cute characters for early learners. #KidSparkz

    How to Teach Arrays blog post full of fun ideas like this fun math craft to practice arrays and repeated addition

    Halloween eraser graphing with tally mark bones!! Directions at the link!!

    Five Little Pumpkins Counting Playset - perfect halloween read and play, book extension activity

    Halloween 3-Digit Addition w/ Carrying Task Card Set

    Science experiments... PLUS all kinds of other Halloween activities for "littles".

    Math Project My Spooky Store. This Math Project is a spooky and fun way to practice a variety of math skills in a real world context! Students will work through area, graphing and money. It can be used any time of the year, but what better time to use it than around Halloween!In your download you will receive a printable workbook that you will simply need to photocopy, staple into a workbook for each student and you're ready to go!

    Hands-On Pumpkin Math with The Geo Pumpkin from A fall twist to the classic geoboard. Hours and hours of fun for preschoolers. Wonderful way to practice fine and gross motor skills, explore math concepts, and just have fun!

    Halloween Math, Halloween common core aligned Math Mystery (Grade 6) Case of The Tricking Treat. In this math mystery students must solve a variety of math questions to reveal clues to help them find the villain who is using the tricking treats on children and turning them into pumpkins!

    FREEBIE!!! This Halloween Themed Word Search Printable is a fun and educational activity for your students! Instructions: Find the words listed at the bottom of the worksheet. Words can go vertical, horizontal, diagonal, forwards or backwards.Early finishers can color in the pictures.Optional: Make it a competition to see who can find all the words first!

    Volume, This "Volume" Math Mystery (Grade 5) “Case of The Vengeful Vampire” is a volume skills focused math mystery, in which students must solve a variety of volume math questions to reveal clues that help them discover where the vengeful vampire’s coffin is.

    Magical Pumpkin Patch Math for Smart Board: Multiplying Decimals by Whole Numbers

    Pumpkin Patch Match: Visual Discrimination Kinder and First

    This product includes a variety of sixteen Halloween word problems. The types of questions include: fractions, decimals, percents, unit rate, average (mean), perimeter, probability (1), geometry (1) and measurement. A student answer document is included along with an answer key. At the end of the student answer document, there is an opportunity for students to create their own Halloween word problem. This could be used for grades 5-8 depending on the class