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Math for Fifth Grade

Math items for fifth grade. Includes math games, printables, resources, math centers, math lessons and anything to make math fun and interesting for fifth grade. Enjoy! Contributors - Please pin at least 1 FREE idea or resource for every paid item. (At this time, we are not adding new collaborators to this board.)

Math for Fifth Grade

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SCRATTLE: PATRIOTIC EDITION is a CCSS aligned center activity that exercises L.A. and math skills. Use it for 4th of July, Veterans Day, Memorial Day, and Presidents Day, too. FREE #CCSS #Gifted #Scrattle #holidays #criticalthinking #higherorderthinkingskills #enrichment #BarbEvans #itsabouttimeteachers #math #vocabulary

$ Patriotic Squares are great for critical thinking, problem solving, differentiation, & fast finishers. Great challenge for G/T and enrichment. #LatinSquares #differentiation #problemsolving #criticalthinking #math #enrichment #Gifted #BarbEvans #itsabouttimeteachers

Earth Day Math and ELA Print and Go Packet. A great resource that makes it easy for teachers to teach about Earth Day across the curriculum! Includes author's purpose, informational text, multiplication of decimals, word problems, bookmarks, and coloring sheet. Awesome resource for grades 4-6! Can't wait to use this!

Coordinate System: A method for finding points on a coordinate plane. Math for 5th graders.

Geometry Bingo - FREE - Great review for third, fourth, and fifth grades.

Differentiated Multi-Step Math Word Problems aligned to 5th Grade Common Core Standards. Includes Graphic Organizer to support students in solving and explaining problems. Save money by purchasing this bundle of 72 problems rather than buying each set separately.

Geometry "Guess It!" The game is similar to "Taboo" - students are required to describe the geometric term shown without using certain words. The game is not only fun, but it really forces students to use their math vocabulary and be creative at the same time! I have included two versions of the game: one that you can use to play as a class, and another that can be cut out into cards and used in small groups or centers. 5.G.B.3, 5.G.B.4, 4.G.A.2, 4.G.A.3

It all started with a question...Where is 3/4 on the number line? Discover common misconceptions about fractions and learn how we can help students overcome them and develop fraction sense.

-Visual aid for students who may have trouble remembering the order of metric units.-Uses the sentence "King Henry doesn't usually drink chocolate milk" with corresponding units-Helps students successfully convert metric units-Reminds students when to multiply by powers of ten and when to divide. Be sure to follow me at www.teacherspayte...

Quadrilaterals Bump Games and More! contains 10 different games (6 bump games and 4 three-in-a-row games) to help students practice identifying and classifying quadrilaterals. Within these quadrilaterals games, students practice matching the names of different types of quadrilaterals to images and to specific characteristics. Covers trapezoids, parallelograms, rectangles, rhombuses, and squares!

This St. Patrick's Day Brain Puzzle makes for a fun math challenge to celebrate St. Patrick's Day! Grab your FREE printable copy today at

54 Tasks!!! Perfect for early finishers, math centers, collaborative work, warm-ups, and gifted learners. Each activity includes the use of the Common Core Mathematical Practices and the Texas TEKS Process Standards. Best for Grades 4-6

Love this! On this website, you can type in text and it will turn it into a shape, rebus, maze, spiral...So easy.

CCSS Aligned - 4.MD.A.1, 5.MD.A.1 Measurement for Fourth and Fifth Grades - Review of all measurement conversions. Aligned with CCSS and Texas TEKS. Great practice. Ideas for use in whole group, individual, and centers included.

Get Them Moving! Test Prep Gallery Walk

Early Finishers and Gifted: Math Challenges #2 These challenges provide solid mathematical thinking tasks for your early finishers, math centers, collaborative work, and gifted learners. Your fourth, fifth, and sixth graders will be thinking, reasoning, using math vocabulary, and number sense with these activities.

Decimals, Decimals Worksheet Freebie!Students will need to convert the decimals into fractions to find out which character is hiding the donut! See if they can get the character correct by using their math skills to eliminate the suspect pictures. Answer sheet included!This is a new style of worksheet I am trying out, so I would really appreciate your feedback and thoughts on it.You may also be interested in some of my other products listed below:Decimals Guided Lessons and Worksheet PackMath Pr...

Earth Day Math, Earth Day common core aligned Math Mystery (Grade 5) Case of The Litterbug. In this math mystery students must solve a variety of math questions to reveal clues to help them find who is behind polluting the environment in Mathhattan! Engage and motivate your students in this fun detective story, which also encourages critical thinking as they must reason their way through eliminating suspects.

Decimals and Fractions with Meter Sticks! Free step-by-step printable available in the blog post.

A complete set of activities to teach area and volume.Interactive notebook pages and foldableExit SlipStudent PracticeCooperative Game This is a great set of lesson activities to keep students engaged in their learning!

Interactive notebook pages and student activities for multiplying and dividing fractions. A complete bundle to keep students engaged while learning fraction multiplication and division. Notes, fun games and activities, quizzes, answer keys, and complete sample pages included!

Help your students develop a deep understanding of multi digit multiplication by looking at how ancient Egyptians handled multiplication.