Math for Fifth Grade

Math items for fifth grade. Includes math games, printables, resources, math centers, math lessons and anything to make math fun and interesting for fifth grade. Enjoy! Contributors - Please pin at least 1 FREE idea or resource for every paid item. (At this time, we are not adding new collaborators to this board.)

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Math for Fifth Grade

Math for Fifth Grade

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This FREE worksheet is perfect for getting to know your math students on the first day or the first week of school. It keeps students busy while you’re handing out materials like textbooks, plus it helps you to get to know your students a little better.

Decimals Games for 5th Grade contains 13 fun and engaging printable board games to help students to practice Common Core decimals standards. These games are so simple to use and require very minimal prep. They are perfect to use in math centers or as extension activities when students complete their work! www.teacherspayte...

Great idea: "The kids add a sticker every time they get a 100% on their spelling tests. As you can see from the sticker chart, we went from less that 50% of the kids achieving a 100% to almost 100% once we started keeping track of the data! The other charts consist of Excel graphs made up of various pieces of classroom data. The post-it notes on the graphs are the students "thinking" in regards to the data. This wall became a great motivational tool for my fifth graders!"

This assessment has 20 questions, asking students to multiply fractions, divide fractions, and find the reciprocal of fractions. Includes 12 multiple choice questions and 8 short response questions. Fully aligned to the common core curriculum.Answer key included.Click here for more of my 5th grade common core math products!

This bundle contains: 2015-2016 Teacher Calendar (3 Versions), Editable Binder Covers in Blue & Green 1, Editable Binder Covers in Blue & Green 2, Editable Labels in Blue & Green 1, Editable Labels in Blue & Green 2, and Editable Name Tags & Desk Plates. The calendar will be updated annually. When you purchase this calendar, you will automatically be able to download future calendars for FREE.

Back to School Math ideas. Very useful ideas for the first week of math in your upper elementary classroom.

Cool Math is everywhere bulletin board…What a great bulletin board! (It's not on the site, but not needed with this picture)

Love this! Great for comparing and ordering fractions and decimals.

Looking for some fun and engaging ways to practice comparing fractions? Try these activities which use number lines and benchmarks to help your students.

Fifth Grade Math Common Core Reading Informational Text "I Can" statement cards for each standard. $

Organize your classroom with these 6 different designs of editable binder covers. Each cover comes with matching spine labels for 3”, 2” and 1.5” binders. To edit the binder covers and spine labels, simply click where it says “click to add text.” You can edit the text size, text color, and location of each text box.

Order of Operations Math with Riddles Bundle helps to put a little enjoyment in math. Students solve the order of operation problems, and use the code to solve the riddle. Problems are written horizontal. One page of each. Answer sheets are included for each. $ gr 5-8

Looking for an easy way to review Integers with your class? This is it! This Bundle has 2 Integer Review Games at an incredible Bundle Price. All the text boxes are editable so you can customize all the categories and questions for your class.

Practice adding fractions with this fun, engaging Student vs Student powerpont game. Students compete aganist one another or in teams as the practice adding like and unlike fractions in this interactive game. Answers range from fractions to whole numbers to mixed numbers and as always, in simplest form.

Practice changing mixed numbers to improper fractions with this exciting "Find the Star" game. Students must successfully change a mixed number into an improper fraction in order to locate a star. There are 5 stars to find in all. Don't tell them how many stars there are though Even if they find all 5, keep them thinking there are more to find!

Here's a Permanent subscription to my games! By purchasing this permanent subscription, you gain access to every game I have created. You will also gain access to every powerpoint game I create in the future. Fill out your information, and you'll receive a folder containing every game I've made. This also includes holiday games including the Christmas Advent Games (guaranteed 25 games), back to school games, and end of the year test prep games. All games are common core aligned.

Fifth and sixth grade math - great ideas to help teach concepts. Need to discuss with teacher and create resources. Find free #math ideas here: www.teacherspayte...

PEMDAS YouTube video, combining songs and math is usually a hit!

Place Value Task Cards: Available with and without QR codes! {Mustache Theme} $

Magnet races are similar to good old-fashioned board races with chalk and are loads of fun! CCSS: 5.NBT CCSS: 6.NS

This color by number activity will make practicing decimal addition more fun for your students! CCSS: 5.NS (one decimal extends to the thousandths place) CCSS: 6.NS CCSS: 7.NS

Includes 4 classroom quizzes with answer keys. Save money by buying items in a bundle!Quizzes included in this bundle:-5th Grade Comparing and Ordering Decimals Quiz- 5th Grade Adding and Subtracting Fractions Quiz-5th Grade Rounding Quiz-5th Grade Place Value and Exponent QuizClick here for more of my 5th grade common core math products!

Eggscellent Addition: Basic Addition Facts From 2-12 {Math Game}Directions:Divide the class into pairs.Each pair will roll a die to see who goes first.The player with the lowest number begins.For each turn, the player rolls the dice and adds the two numbers together.The student has to find the section of his or her egg carton with that number and puts a jellybean in it. Find free #math ideas here: www.teacherspayte...

Free place value resources for interactive math notebooks!