Math for First Grade

Math items for first grade. Includes math games, printables, resources, math centers, math lessons and anything to make math fun and interesting for first grade. Enjoy! Contributors - Please pin at least 1 FREE idea or resource for every paid item. (At this time, we are not adding new collaborators to this board.)

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Math for First Grade

Math for First Grade

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Are your kids ready for the Big Top? A Circus and Digital Time task cards can be used as a class game, in cooperative learning groups or at a math center. Learners answer questions about digital time with entertaining circus characters such a, Juggle Bear, Tina the Tight Rope Walker and Al, the Alligator Wrestler.

Step right up and see the traveling circus! See amazing circus performers in Daring Digital Circus Fun Time! In Digital Circus Fun: Hour and Half-hour Time, learners answer questions pertaining to time involving circus characters.These fun and lively printable 30 task cards, key and two awards cards can be used as a center, class game or cooperative group activity.

In Butterflies, Number & Die Match Quantities 1-20, learners match colorful, high quality butterfly drawings to numbers and dice. These beautiful task cards challenge students and can be used at a center or as a class game.This lesson includes 18 printable pages, notes to teacher, center and game options.

Majestic Hot Air Balloons: Counting & Cardinal Numbers is a voyage into the sky. Students develop background exposure of travel while learning how to count hot air balloons. This lesson provides teacher's directions, physical activities, and link to sound cue.

Eagles, butterflies, airplanes and other kites... In Kites: Numbers, Counting and shapes, students count amazing photographed kites in arrays. Later, learners decide the basic shapes that are found in the kites. This beautiful 27 slide lesson includes printable teacher's script and notes for activities, examples of 4 basic shapes used in kites presented, and numbers 1-10 of photographed kites placed in arrays.

Math Games for Partners: Reproducible and Reusable Games for Reinforcing Skills {Grades 1-2} ... 26 games in all... great for math workshop, math centers, or as fun homework with a family member. (59 pages, $) #mathgames #homework #mathcenters

Summer Camp Math concerns basic math skills. Lessons such as Casies Group Camping Items Graph Questions, Camp School & Wilderness Fraction Math involves bar graphs and fractions. Lesson activities can be completed as a whole group or small group with the instructor using adobe reader and a SmartBoard, white board, projector or document camera as learners easily follow along.

Frankenstein Monster Math involves solving word problems with references to the classic Frankenstein by Mary Shelley. Students answer questions about distances, time, liquid volumes, masses, money, and problems that express measurements and represent quantities using diagrams.

Cherries, raspberries, black currants and apricots. Numbers, Counting & Arrays: Counting Fruit 1 to 20 is an encounter with plant life. Students develop background exposure to fruits while learning how to count by using their hands, writing, and telling while seeing a variety of photographed fruits using adobe reader and a SmartBoard, white board, projector or document camera.

The acrobat, the juggler, the lions, the elephants, the carousel Its Digital Time at the Circus in the world of entertainment. See what time it is and tell what activity the people or animals are doing. Students can write, say, and show the time in a spectator atmosphere.

Analog Time at the Beach is an adventure of hourly ocean activities. This resource can be viewed with SmartBoard, white board, projector or document camera and includes 47 pages, a clock manipulative print-out, information to the teacher, an optional teachers script to lesson and links to music.

practice those tedious and boring math facts at home in a fun way with a beach ball! Kids will actually want to play.... I mean practice :)

1.MD.1,2 Measurement for First Grade is aligned to all first grade Common Core Measurement Standards and includes worksheets for comparing how long and how tall using common classroom object as length units. Also included is a game and a math center for students to practice measurement.

FREE: FREE Owls Cut and Paste Sampler-With this Sampler you will receive three (3) worksheets from my Owls Math and Literacy Cut and Paste Worksheet product. The Full Version of my Owls Math and Literacy Cut and Paste Worksheet product contains 24 pages.

There is always excitement when it is time for school to start. New clothes, new school supplies and seeing friends make it fun. This Back To School Bundle gives students the opportunity to refresh the skills they will need in the upcoming school year. In this bundled set, you will receive 4 products. WOW! That is over 80 pages of fun activities for your students. AND, you will love the savings at over 20% off!

First Grade Back to School No Prep Printables - Subtraction

Free Math Homework in Spanish! Two weeks is all you'll need to fall in love with this resource. Every day it reviews one of the 4 CCSS domains so all skills are always fresh in your students' minds! One page per week!

Free Math Homework! Two weeks is all you'll need to fall in love with this resource. Every day it reviews one of the 4 CCSS domains so all skills are always fresh in your students' minds! One page per week!

ALL YEAR! This Math Homework will save you time and paper while providing your students with a weekly skill review of the 4 Math Common Core State Standards. The design is child friendly and inviting while packed with real work. Many assignments are explained and modeled so students can complete the homework independently.

Telling Time Websites

Teaching time? Here are some great pieces of literature for connecting literacy & math and helping your students understand time.

Back to School Math Games First Grade by Games 4 Learning for the busy Back to School time! - 14 printable games that review a variety of kindergarten skills. $

FREEBIES - math games to start the school year - Back to School Math Games

K-2 teachers won't want to miss this one! An excellent book that perfectly balances theory and practice. Full of great research and ready to implement classroom activities to support that research. Great for classroom teachers, special educators, math specialists and para educators.

A mathematician is someone who - elementary classroom poster!