Math for First Grade

Math items for first grade. Includes math games, printables, resources, math centers, math lessons and anything to make math fun and interesting for first grade. Enjoy! Contributors - Please pin at least 1 FREE idea or resource for every paid item. (At this time, we are not adding new collaborators to this board.)
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Place Value FREEBIES - from Games 4 Learning - This set contains 4 printable Place Value Worksheets for 2 and 3 Digit Numbers.

Sliding Into Second Grade- ways to make ten anchor chart

Duck Pond Addition~Hands-on Math Activity for Kindergarten and First Grade

So many uses for these place value cards - they can be a game like concentration or an activity for individuals. They can also be a whole class game where each student is given a card and then has to find their group. One of the games from Place Value Games for 2 Digits by Games 4 Learning $

SO easy to make your own banners! Just type and print!

This yearlong memory book is just what you need to start making memories with your class.Check out the FREE samples provided.

No Prep First Grade Math Worksheets. Are you looking for fun timely practice that targets the important skill of building fluency in addition within 20? This package is 14 pages of math worksheets with more funny monsters theme. Its simple subtraction within 20 with six pages of practice and an answer key.

First Grade Math Practice-Counting and... by Linda McCormick | Teachers Pay Teachers

This collection of no prep printable worksheets addresses Extending the Counting Sequence and Ordering Numbers. There are six pages of practice, an answer key, a brain break puzzle and a coloring page, for a total of 17 pages. The pages are themed with silly monsters to help engage your students.

FREE -Dinosaurs File Folders Games Sampler Sampler, Autism, Preschool, PK,K Dinosaurs have always been a fascination for children. The Dinosaur graphics used in this Sampler will satisfy that fascination and provide fun while learning. All I ask in return is to please click on the green ★ above to "Follow Me.

Counting Fun With Dinosaurs Cut and Paste Worksheet Set-Strong counting skills will help students progress to a strong math foundation. Combine that with their love of Dinosaurs and they will have fun practicing their counting skills. This Counting Fun With Dinosaurs Cut and Paste Worksheet Set will satisfy that fascination and provide fun while learning.

Dinosaurs have always been a fascination for children. The Dinosaur graphics used in this packet, Counting Skills With Dinosaurs, consists of 24 pages and provides various worksheets to help students develop strong Math skills. Some have the student drawing lines to the right answer, circling the right answer on others and cut and paste on some. All provide the practice the student needs to sharpen their Math skills.

Addition and Subtraction practice: Students read the number on top and solve the equations. They clip the ones that equal the number on top. Make this activity self checking by putting stickers on the correct answers BEFORE laminating!

Great pattern ideas on this blog post!

20 fall-themed printables for young children working on strategies and fluency for addition and subtraction facts within 10. Themes include school, fall, Halloween, and Thanksgiving. So cute! Just print and play!


My Top 5 Life-Saving Resources. Find out how I make lesson planing less stressful by using my 5 favorite resources.

This game gets my kids excited every time! One student places Base Ten flashcards in order, and the other student matches the numbers using Tally Marks flashcards! It's a fabulous way to practice making numbers in different ways.

This is one of my kids' favorite Math Centers, and it is literally maintenance free! I start with numbers 1 - 20 and progressively change the flashcards to increase the level of difficulty. They absolutely LOVE spending time here! $

Counting objects by twos is not only more efficient, but it also reinforces equal groups and multiplicative thinking

Practicing Place Value

Plus 1 Minus 1 is an easy math game that reinforces the concepts of adding 1 to a number and subtracting 1 from a number.

Make a math game out of craft sticks. | 19 Inexpensive DIYs Every Elementary School Teacher Should Know

Ready for SECOND GRADE! Back to school morning work that is fun, engaging, rigorous and hands-on

324 original pages jam-packed with all you need for teaching Common Core Math -Operations and Algebraic Thinking in first grade.Through engaging activities, students will learn basic number relationships, counting, cardinality, subitizing, composing and decomposing numbers to 20, addition, subtraction and the all important number sense. Assessments are included.