Math for Kindergarten

Math items for kindergarten. Includes math games, printables, resources, math centers, math lessons and anything to make math fun and interesting for kindergarten. Enjoy! Contributors - Please pin at least 1 FREE idea or resource for every paid item. (At this time, we are not adding new collaborators to this board.)

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Math for Kindergarten

Math for Kindergarten

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FREE! Children love candy! Don't we all? This Halloween activity includes the following! * Five pages for children to color, cut, paste, and record their patterns. * Pattern activities are differentiated in that each child can create a simple or complex pattern.

Do you remember playing the card game "War" when you were growing up? This superhero themed card game is played exactly the same way, except cards have numbers in bundles of tens and ones. The second variation is played with ,, and an = sign. This lesson is easy preparation and high engagement-just what every teacher needs for Back to School or to compliment to your Zero the Hero theme for the 100th Day of School! $ *Images of super hero are copyrighted by Pink Cat Studios.*

Students identify numbers in Spanish using ten-frames to 20 in this fun "I Have... Who Has...?" game; available in English or Spanish; $

periodic assessments to show learning - all in an adorable keepsake portfolio!

Back to School Kindergarten Math for the Common Core. Numbers, Counting, Shapes, Sorting, Sequencing, Addition, Subtraction, Word Problems, Number Writing, Number Combinations, Patterns, Sequencing, One More/One Less and more! 25 Activities. 66 Pages. 13 Common Core Standards. Designed for beginning of the year but could actually be used anytime!

Number Concepts 1-20. A fun set of worksheets to help teach early number concepts to children in Preschool and Kindergarten.

FREE Number Card Activities - Pin the Tail on the Bird.

Upcycle That Paper Towel Roll Into a Counting Activity

Use gems or other small objects to practice correct number formation on our number play dough mats. Great fine motor activity and super fun!

Task Cards - Adding It Up Set of 60 color coded addition cards

FREEBIE for Fall in Kindergarten. Matching Ten Frames.

This product is a set of sorting mats and 2D/3D shape picture cards. This activity will is great practice for younger elementary students. It is great for shape identification, shape recognition, and determining the difference between 2D and 3D shapes.

This versatile resource includes half-page cards with large text showing the numbers 0-10 represented in 8 ways- numbers, number words, ten frames, fingers, tally marks, dice, dominoes, and quantity with an attractive owl theme. An optional recording sheet is included. It is designed as a practice or review activity, which incorporates movement. It can be used whole class, small group, or even with an individual student. $ PreK-K

tally math activity- easy to adapt idea, use with apples, pumpkins, etc.

Shapes lessons, games, practice, and centers activities for the SmartBoard.

This FREE math worksheet from 123 Homeschool 4 Me will help give your Preschool, Kindergarten, or 1st grader some extra practice writin

Pattern Blocks Back To School Puzzles by A Thinker's Toolbox. Included are 4 Back To School puzzles; a bus, pencil, scissors, and clock. Black line pattern block pieces as well as colored pattern block pieces are provided. Colored answer keys are also included.

A soothing voice counts over relaxing music with a soft beat. Perfect for teaching counting, and for behavior management: Help kids calm to their minds and focus on the task at hand; whether for time out, clean up, transition, stretching or dance. Relaxation, insomnia, and heart health.

Number Chart 1 – 30 Robots are a fun way to learn numbers, counting, number sense and more. Kids will use 1 – 30 number charts to create robots, then talk and write about them. They may decorate their number chart robots for a beautiful display.

Teacher Tipster (Place Value Song) "This man is amazing. He has tons a resources, songs, tips, etc.. If you’d like to visit his webpage click here - www.teachertipste... I’ve spent the last 25 minutes viewing these videos. I’m already planning to use some of these in my own classroom."

Place Value Posters for Kindergarten and FIrst Grade. Ones, tens and hundred plus a header. $

Beach Pigs Count and Clip Cards (Quantities to 20) $ #beach #pigs #summer #vacation #kampkindergarten #summermath www.teacherspayte...

Pigs on a Blanket (Pigs Will Be Pigs) by Amy Axelrod