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Math items for Preschool. Includes math games, printables, resources, math centers, math lessons and anything to make math fun and interesting for preschool. Enjoy! Contributors - Please pin at least 1 FREE idea or resource for every paid item. (At this time, we are not adding new collaborators to this board.)
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Number comparisons for finding the difference in subtraction. Have kids color in & show the difference in subtraction. Connect to how many more /less word problem & # sentence

Walk the Plank is a fun game that students can play to practice their basic addition facts. Students love it so much they don't even realize they are practicing their math

Addition Extra Practice Packet!

'Building' Our Knowledge of Addition...1 Tower At A Time!

Help the suns find their popsicles and match the numbers to the corresponding ten frames with these... Summer Number Cards • Great for Pocket Charts, Homework, Centers and More. • Quick and easy to use, just copy and cut and you're ready to go! • Includes one set in color and another in black and white.

Ice Cream Numbers - preschool summer math that explores fine motor skills, counting, one-to-one correspondence, and more early math skills

Summer Review Preschool No Prep Worksheets & Activities. Summer patterns

LEGO Printable Color and Sorting Mats for Preschoolers: Perfect for classifying, sorting, and patterning!

@Katie Pederson Mrs. Ricca's Kindergarten: Patterns & Math Stations Lots of Pattern ideas

End of The Year Activities Review Sorting By Size-Animals Worksheet Set Sorting, comparing sizes and identifying patterns help preschool students develop strong math skill. With this Sorting By Size-Animal Worksheet set students can practice all of these skills. Sorting By Size-Animals Worksheet packet is appropriate for use in a daycare, preschool and kindergarten. They may also be used as independent tasks for children with autism or other special education needs. This product is ready ...

FREE SAMPLER- Sorting can be fun. Sorting helps students learn the concepts of big and small, short and tall and other opposites. Sorting helps develop skills that will help them later in math, like problem solving. With this Big, Small, Short, Tall Sampler you will receive three (3) worksheets from my Big, Small, Short, Tall and More Back To School Fun packet. The <strong>full version</strong> consists of 19 worksheets that will help them learn sorting skills in a fun way.

Free: Going to pre-school is a fun and exciting time for a child. GET READY, SET, GO PRESCHOOL WORKSHEET SET gives children the opportunity to have fun while getting ready for preschool. In this Preview, you will receive 5 of them free. All I ask in return is to please click on the star above to "Follow Me.

End of The Year Activities Counting Review Worksheets, consists of 19 pages and provides various worksheets to help students develop strong Math skills. Some have the student drawing lines to the right answer, circling the right answer on others and cut and paste on some. All provide the practice the student needs to sharpen their counting skills.

Male Kindergarten Teacher: Under the Sea ~ Into the A, B, Sea!

Ocean patterns with adorable graphics! Kids will love the fish, whales, turtles, crabs and other ocean animals. Perfect for a math center! TpT $

FREE kindergarten printable based on Chicka Chicka 1,2,3. Kids cut and paste the numbers into the sequence. The full math unit is available on our blog under 'Story Maths' or on TPT.

Mega Literacy and Math Bundle! Come see what's included...Your kiddos will LOVE it! Soon to come in Spanish!

Kindergarten Number Sense

Counting practice: fish and bubbles

Number Words printables and activities! The kids learned number words so fast and with FUN puzzles and activities!

number sense activity in a muffin tin!

Summer Review Preschool No Prep Worksheets & Activities. Numbers 1-10 practice page: tracing, counting and numeral identification

Summer addition with sea shells

Pearls and Shells Number Learning

Insect patterning activities with AB, ABC, AAB & ABB patterns. Gorgeous graphics include ladybug, butterfly, moth, bee, grasshopper, dragonfly, caterpillar, scarab beetle and more. TpT$