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Math for Sixth Grade

Math items for sixth grade. Includes math games, printables, resources, math centers, math lessons and anything to make math fun and interesting for sixth grade. Enjoy!

Everything you need to introduce students to ratio, rate, unit rate, and proportion concepts and ensure they understand and retain them! The 56 pages in this $6 product contain a warm-up problem, a guided note-taking page, illustrated math poetry, and a two-page worksheet for each of four different content areas (ratios, rates, proportions, and word problems). The unit concludes with a challenging competition and comprehensive unit assessment.

This product contains two fun activities to build an understanding of different types of three-dimensional figures (solids). It consists of two worksheets: (1) A Voyage of Discovery that guides students through discoveries about vertices, edges, faces, bases, and similarities between solids, and (2) A Classification Challenge, where students compete to assign correct names to numerous figures. Goes hand in hand with the "Polygon Classification Challenge", a similar product for 2-D figures.

Introduces fourth through seventh graders to different polygons, their names, and properties via a fun-to-play game that takes one class period. Works well to begin or end a geometry unit or as a beginning of the year refresher! Available for $1.50 on Teachers Pay Teachers. This product goes hand in hand with "The Polygon Song" (a free download), "Quadrilateral Mania" (classification of quadrilaterals), and "Solid Classification Challenge" (3-dimensional figures).

This product offers an innovative, straightforward, easy-to-teach, five-step method to critically evaluate and solve fraction word problems! Structured as a complete 7-10 day unit, it consists of warm-up activities, guided notes pages, and worksheets with detailed keys that progressively increase in difficulty and enable students to solve sophisticated problems using all four operations.

Here is a fun way to get your students moving around and practicing solving one step equations!

10 problems in two formative mini-assessments that cover: recognizing measures of center versus measures of variation.

Here are all types of resources for teaching every concept of every standard of the Common Core for sixth grade math!

Money saving collection of four task cards sets that help with perimeter, area, circumference, using real life, perseverance tasks.

Do you have pattern blocks? Traditionally, we know the triangles as sixths, rhombi as thirds and trapezoids as halves. But what if we changed this a bit? Suppose the trapezoid was not 1/2, but 1/4? What would that make the green triangles? What would "1" look like?

Every day is Earth day! Celebrate by teaching your kids statistics about earth day and making and reading histograms at the same time!

This multi-pack of Math Matcher puzzles is a great way to review 1-step equations, decimal operations, dividing fractions, dividing whole numbers, finding equivalent fractions, finding the least common multiple, and the order of operations with your students!

This is a fun, challenging, and very engaging math test prep that covers EVERYTHING area! Great for SmartBoard, partner work, centers, etc. Includes real world problem solving! Mike's Math Mall - $

I have created 5 logic puzzles that would be appropriate for grades 4, 5 and 6.. The cIues require the students to use multiplication and division ...

Celebrate Autism Awareness and Pi Day with this engaging webquest! How are Pi Day, Einstein, and Autism related? Albert Einstein's birthday is on Pi Day (March 14th) and some speculate that he was on the autism spectrum. Personally, I love using the webquest as a complete activity. However, I have designed it so that each topic is on a separate page so you may choose to use only one or two parts of it.

120 task cards will provide your students with lots of practice! These cards are separated into six categories with 20 equations in each. This will allow you and your students to focus on specific skills while using a variety of types of numbers (whole numbers, decimals, fractions). Many of these cards can be used in 4th or 5th grade to practice computation skills. CCSS 6.EE CCSS 7.EE CCSS 8.EE

If you're looking for practice in word problems, this is the product for you. This collection of 20 task cards has multistep word problems and lots of challenges to make your students think. Addresses: CCSS.Math.Content.5.NF.B.6 CCSS.Math.Content.6.NS.A.1

If you're looking for practice in multiplication and division of decimals for your 6th or 7th graders, this is it!. It has a whimsical theme with plenty of practice. It includes: 3 pages of multiplication of decimals 3 pages of division of decimals 1 page of word problems 1 fun brain break Answer key Addresses the following CCSS CCSS.Math.Content.6.NS.B.3 CCSS.Math.Content.7.NS.A.3

This Super Bundle Contains All of the Following! Place value, decimals, LCM, GCF, prime numbers, and multiplication of whole numbers. There is a power point, 96 task cards, and a collection of 50 worksheets for review.