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Math for Sixth Grade

Math items for sixth grade. Includes math games, printables, resources, math centers, math lessons and anything to make math fun and interesting for sixth grade. Enjoy! Contributors - Please pin at least 1 FREE idea or resource for every paid item.

Math for Sixth Grade

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This product has 40 Task Cards to provide practice solving expressions with up to three operations . The cards have a colorful owl theme to make them engaging. The first card has the reminder PEMDAS to help the students correctly solve each expression.

Squares and Roots Bingo! Great way for middle school math students to practice their squares and square roots! Comes with 30 game boards and calling cards. The game can be used as a whole group, small group math centers, or for math intervention.

6th grade math students solving these algebra math enrichment problems during math workshop. Here they are practicing writing and solving two-step equations! Read all about this and other algebra activities by clicking through to my blog!

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Ready for the next Word Problem of the Day? Well here it is. This word problem combines math fraction key concepts. As well as other reasoning skills.

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Bring the sixth grade math common core essential questions to life with these easy to use printable posters. Every question is illustrated - and, in many cases, answered - with a kid-friendly illustration. The posters print two per page. Is your wall space limited? (Mine sure is.) You can use Adobe Reader's "Multiple" printing feature to print the posters smaller and use them at tables or desks.

Least Common Multiple 'I Have...Who Has' Game features 30 playing cards to help students practice determining the least common multiple of two numbers. These 'I Have...Who Has' cards are so much fun, yet so simple to use. Plus, they can be played by individual students, by a small group of students, or even by the whole class!

St. Patrick's Day FREE math game makes practicing eight and nine multiplication facts fun! Included are 45 memory cards for students to match the multiplication array, multiplication fact, and product. This is a perfect activity for small groups and centers in March!

This product has 60 Task Cards to provide practice in expressing a phrase as an algebraic expression. The collection provides your students the opportunity to gain fluency in this important CCSS.The cards have a colorful owl theme to make them engaging.

Get your students out of their seats with this engaging, hands-on, discovery activity. They will never look at pi the same same way again! Mike's Math Mall

This bundle will give your students plenty of practice in 6th grade math skills. It includes 148 task cards that cover the following:Practice and reinforcement in writing, reading, and evaluating expressions in which letters stand for numbersThe least common multiple and the greatest common factor.Solving for an unknown in each of the four operations.

This Super Bundle Contains All of the Following!1.A visually appealing power point combining math skills with historical information about Ancient Egypt. Place value to the millions and word problems using hieroglyphics will challenge and inspire students. 2.

Looking for an easy way to review Fractions with your class? This is it! With 25 questions and a Final Jeopardy Question, students will have lots of review and they’ll have tons of fun playing the game.  Categories include Adding Mixed Numbers, Subtracting Mixed Numbers, Multiplying Mixed Numbers, Dividing Mixed Numbers, and Word Problems with Mixed Numbers. All the text boxes are editable so you can customize all the categories and questions for your class.

Math Brain Busters - Number Systems! Includes 105 problems aligned to the Number Systems standard for 6th grade math. Comes with 21 cards that are easy to print, cut, hole punch, and clip together for students to use! Each card includes 5 problems. Topics include multiplying fractions, dividing fractions, adding/subtracting decimals, multiplying/dividing decimals, least common multiples, and greatest common factors!

Literacy & Math Ideas: Free Factors and Multiples Game

The wait is finally over!! Check out the fully explained solution to the Word Problem of the Day on my blog! Be sure to subscribe on my blog for to get instant notification on the next word problem via email! Let's keep our students sharp at math! :)

It's time the next Word Problem of the Day! Sharpen your student's minds with this WPOTD. It involves deeper levels of understanding fractions. When I post the detailed solution I will explain and you'll see what I'm talking about. The theme here is "Intelligent Shortcuts"... that's all I'll say for now :-) Want to get instant notification when the detailed solution & explanation is posted? Easy! Just Sign up on now.

Math Brain Busters - Statistics and Probability! Includes 105 problems aligned to the Statistics and Probability common core standard for 6th grade math. Comes with 21 cards that are easy to print, cut, hole punch, and clip together for students to use! Each card includes 5 problems. Topics include finding the mean, median, mode, and range!

Math enrichment task cards for 5th or 6th grade math students. Includes 1-3 enrichment problems for 7 different topics. This unit includes fraction multiplication, fraction division, mixed number multiplication, and mixed number division. These are challenging problems that are great to use as a part of math workshop or for students who finish early with other work! Other topics, including a free sample unit, are available in my TPT store!

FREEBIE - Place Value Math Station - for 4th, 5th, and 6th grade