San Diego / Chapstick AND lawnmowers? Where do I sign?
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Hilarious Protest Signs Just Incase You Didn't Get Enough During The Inauguration. Funniest ever. Images for Hilarious Protest Signs

Awesome. I've been trying to think of ways to use excess plastic, too. And talk about convenient.

Post with 977 votes and 756955 views. Levels of waste in the USA reach a new high.

Some of them are such hoodrats.

Funny pictures about Hoodrat stuff with my friends. Oh, and cool pics about Hoodrat stuff with my friends. Also, Hoodrat stuff with my friends.

Kool-Aid Man always leaves a clear mark.

When the Kool-Aid Man has to relieve himself.

This is what I'm looking forward to. iPhone 10.

Before you get all jazzed to show off your new iPhone take a look at the gadget be flaunting in a few years: this is how iPhone 10 will look like. Apple iPhone 10 is the tallest iPhone yet