Fire lookout

cabinporn: “Fire lookout in the Cascade Mountains of Washington state. Submitted and photographed by Mike Conlan.

Bad ass

Aydin Irmak: Riding Everest

Aydin Irmak with his summit-bound singlespeed WTF? This guy is lugging his bike up Mt Everest!

Rock mom.

The moms Brendan from Semi-Rad is talking about are often like the ones we get at Chicks - totally still getting after it and fully inspirational!

"Only you can prevent forest fires."   Smokey Bear is back and he's giving out hugs. What do you think of Smokey 2.0? www.outsidetelevi...

It’s not every day you get hugged by a bear. And it’s practically never the bear of all bears—Smokey. Working on the Smokey Bear Campaign with the US Forest Service …