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Harry Potter

Harry Potter fandom posts part 5

Harry Potter fandom posts part 5 - Knew some of these but had not thought of the roads.<--- love the river song picture to top it off

Potterhead problems. All the time.

Just happened. I always seem to lose my phone.I'd loose my wand.

The Hunger Games, Divergent, The Avengers (kinda), The Mortal Instruments (kinda), Percy Jackson, and DC!

Percy jackson harry potter hunger games walking dead(my dad) tbe Avengers (kinda) doctor who divergent lord of the rings.

But they didn't spell it right, it's 'Yer a Wizard 'Arry." Duh

DIY Make garlands with skeleton leaves

yer a wizard 'Arry. But-but i'm just harry.just harry. No 'Arry, yer a wizard. but I'm just harry. Yer a wizard harry.yer a wizard. A wizard harry. Yer a wizard harry! No but I'm harry just harry

Harry Potter and Friends

Thank you Phoebe. This was my exact reaction when I read the book.

Harry Potter

Harry Potter << This is perfect, and I love the Disney Channel meme with Loki as well, but there also needs to be a Severus Snape one. "I'm the Half-Blood Prince, and you're watching Disney Channel.