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A personal collection of stuff I like. Don't hesitate to get in touch if you are the rightful owner of one of the things shown and want it removed.
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mini pavlovas with hazelnut cream and dark chocOlate ganache

I think this is a great photo with the contrast of the dark background and the white, as well as the ability to capture motion and detail simultaneously.

Un mille-feuilel coloré, pour écrire un roman délicieux l von Kartoffeln, Pfifferlingen und Kräutern

Party Food Serving - Appetizers - Food Presentation - Food Styling - Food Plating - Black Plates under orange, green, and white food T.

Un plat gastronomique | cuisine, gastronomique, recette. Plus de nouveautés sur

Citrus Cured Salmon, Homemade Spiced Greek Yogurt, Sriracha Marmalade Visit Sriracha Box Now!

Yann Bernard Lejard - The ChefsTalk Project

From the most diverse ingredients, Chef Yann Bernard Lejard creates exquisite food compositions while using a plate as his canvas.

HOF / HOME inspiration

Spring inspiration

This should have gone to my "artists" board. The Nordic Star Chef from Copenhagen, and author of, The Wizards Cookbook, creates a scallops dish with a horseradish gel.