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jaguar e type classic reborn designboom

jaguar revives the classic e-type sports car from 1960's

e-type reborn from jaguar’s classic division offers people the chance to own a highly collectible e-type with elegant aesthetics frozen for over 50 years.

1954 Corvette fine art photography on Behance

Photographer Sarel van Staden based in Pretoria in South Africa is specialized in art photography of old cars. He recently dedicated a series to a 1954 Corvette

Aesthetic Bullshit

Beautiful Computer Generated Images is a collection of Seven projects, collection of seven Manifests, where every piece is an intersection of Technology and Art. It depicts imaginary places, imaginary objects where every element is arranged to create

Aesthetic Bullshit

Aesthetic Bullshit

Wild at heart

The 1968 Ford Mustang is one of the best looking cars of all time and this incredible photography from Laurent Nivalle just adds to the amazement. - T R - Tobiasrocks - T R - Tobiasrocks

Source: doyoulikevintage

1969 Ferrari Berlinetta by PininfarinaLaunched at the 1969 Turin Motor Show, the Ferrari Berlinetta Speciale concept shocked and confused in equal measure. The shock factor came from its.