Teeth made from bottom of plastic soda bottles to teach a lesson on what sides of teeth need to be brushed and on how to floss using yarn for floss and tissue paper for food particles.

~Free behavior rewards card!~ It's so easy to use! Just let the student use a bingo marker or any marker to color in a square each time you give the student praise for something he/she did that was positive working silently/cooperating well with others etc... You name the rewards for that week.

Laminated teeth, dry erase "stains", brush off with toothbrushes

social skills group

Life Skills - Personal Hygiene, comes with additional worksheet

Clip Art by Carrie Teaching First

Jen's Kinder Kids: Dental Health Freebie

Great video for emphasizing personal hygiene for kids on the Autism Spectrum.

Play dough for plaque...YUCK!  On a side note, if you keep the play dough in the blocks overnight, it will harden.  This could also be a GREAT lesson to teach how food left in between your teeth will turn into plaque and harden over time...which is why we need to floss on a DAILY basis!

Dental health activities. Playdough and beans to make a smile. discoverykidzone....

Sesame Street: Kids just love to brush

Brush Your Teeth (Brush Them) song

Bear's Loose Tooth - Karma Wilson

How to Brush Your Teeth Sing-along Song

Brush My Teeth Kids Song

BRUSH YOUR TEETH - with Lyrics

I'd definitely use this in a middle school spec ed classroom! I can see this being good for some high school students too!

Teaching Basic Life Skills to your Special Needs Children

Laminated teeth, dry erase "stains", brush off with toothbrushes

Takes the dead skin right off. All you need is shaving cream and Listerine. Great to know for flip-flop season, awesome for cracked heels in winter

Personal Hygiene ­Image Gallery

My Aspergers Child: Teaching Personal Hygiene to Aspergers Children & Teens

Personal Hygiene, Healthy Habits, Educational Videos for Kids.

Personal Hygiene Activities for Children

Personal Health Badge, Hygiene Chart